JAMES FRANCO IS LUCID - FilmDrunk has an interview with James Franco, and interview that from here on out will be known as, "The Worlds Greatest Interview".  He's so unbelievably stoned, he might be legally dead.  YOU MISSED SOME - Bauer Griffin has pictures of Amy Winehouse walking around in the middle of the night (zombie) with a white powder on her sleeve (better shot here).  Oh, heavens, what could it be?BRITNEY STILL CAN'T DRIVE - Video here of Britney showing she has absolutely no idea what the hell is going on in the world.  She drives like someone is shooting at her.  JENIFER LOVE HEWITT ISN'T FAT - Janice Dickinsosn went on Today this morning and told Al Roker that she didn't think Jennifer Love Hewitt was fat, that these were just unflattering angles.  How the hell can "straight-on" be considered a bad angle?  That's not even an "angle".  It's right behind you.  What would a good angle be?  From the neck up?  Pointed at the sun?  Pointed at someone else?  Janice went on to say that, while JLH is not fat, Tyra Banks is.  And Tyra got out of her frosting -stained recliner and attempted to write a nasty letter.  Unfortunately there was melted butter all over her hands, so it will have to wait. 

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