I knew I liked Lily Allen.
Lilly Allen has admitted she has anal sex with her boyfriend Ed Simons.The pop star made the shocking revelation to her father after he questioned whether she had slept with the 37-year-old.Lily, the daughter of actor Keith Allen, said: "I was with mum, dad, his wife and my sister. We were all sitting round and I said my nipples really hurt today.'  My dad's wife said maybe you're pregnant. I said no I'm not pregnant and my dad went: 'Are you telling me you and your boyfriend haven't had sex?'  I said: 'Well yes but I didn't think you could have sex by having it in the bum bum!' "
When asked for a comment, her dad said absolutely nothing, because right after this he got up from the breakfast table where his daughter was detailing her anal adventures and blew his fucking brains out. [gallery columns="6"]

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