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If you don’t know who Christiano Ronaldo is, just imagine a Portuguese version of David Beckham.  But not Beckham now, Beckham 10 years ago, when he was the most famous person in the world and still single.  Needless to say a guy like that is gonna nail tons of hot ass, and he doesn’t have time for idiot nobody's like Lauren Conrad.  The Daily Mail says…

Lauren, 22, who stars on MTV's popular reality TV show The Hills, was devastated when the Manchester United player refused to pose with her for a picture.The brush-off happened in the early hours of Thursday morning at trendy LA hotspot Kress, sources tell MailOnline exclusively.A fellow party-goer revealed: 'Cristiano was in with his friends, enjoying the music and chilling out in the corner of the club.'Lauren approached him and asked for a picture of them to be taken. But he just blew her off and refused.'Cristiano turned to his friend and said in his heavy Portugese accent: 'Who is this woman?''Lauren was mortified. She told her friends she couldn't believe he'd talk to her like that. Worse still, she couldn't believe he didn't know who she is.'She walked away in a really bad mood.'

This is awesome.  The only way this could have been better is if instead of walking away he sealed her in an aluminum trash can and threw a bunch of bottle rockets in there.  Other than that, he kicked her ass quite nicely.  Kudos to you, sir.

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