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The LA Times and TMZ say that ReliaStar Life Insurance Co. has yet to pay on the 10 million dollar life insurance policy taken out by Heath Ledger.  The New York City medical examiner ruled his death an accident, but now ReliaStar has launched an independent investigation to determine if he in fact took his own life.  

(RelaiStar) is being sued over failure to promptly pay that claim … the lawsuit says that ReliaStar is acting in bad faith by launching its own investigation into the actor's death. The suit was filed by a trustee for Matilda, 2, Ledger's daughter with actress Michelle Williams. The money would go into a trust set up for Matilda.ReliaStar's lawyers are going to try to take depositions from Mary-Kate Olsen, as well as that mysterious masseuse who made the calls to her from Ledger's apartment, costars on his last film, his agents, doctors, psychiatrists etc.

At least they were nice enough to put on a big charade before not paying.  Most insurance companies would put a finger under their nose as if it were a mustache and then then say No Speaka English, or just throw a cat at you and then run the other way when you show up for you check that they agreed to give you.

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