Guy Ritchie is awesome, and Madonna is a despicable human being, so needless to say him walking away from their 8 year marriage with at least 76 million dollars is the Feel Good Story of the Year.  Us magazine says...
Madonna's rep Liz Rosenberg tells The AP that Madonna, 50, has given Ritchie, 40, between $76 million to $92 million as part of their divorce agreement. (The figure includes the value of the couple's country home Ashcombe in western England, she said.)Although the singer keeps the bulk of her estimated $500 million fortune, "I'd assume it's one of the largest payouts ever in a divorce settlement," Rosenberg noted.Her rep also tells Access Hollywood that, despite British reports, it is unlikely she will be spending Christmas with Ritchie."Madonna will be spending the holidays in London," Rosenberg tells Access. "But, it is doubtful she will be spending it with the ex."
Good.  Good you whore.  I hope you lose every dime you never should have made, I hope you break your hip in those dumb boots you wear, and I hope that stupid African kid you stole bites you and gives you terrifying African disease that no one here has ever heard of.

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