how much to just burn it

By brendon January 16, 2009 @ 1:29 PM

A nude photo of Madonna, taken well before she was a music superstar and still making ends meet as a nude model, is expected to sell for at least $10,000 at Christie's auction house this weekend.  Which makes some sense until you actually see it (here, very very very NSFW).  It looks like she's giving birth to a baby bear.  Fox News says…

Madonna, then known as Madonna Louise Ciccone, may have earned as little as $25 for the 1979 modeling session.
The raw, full frontal black-and-white image, taken by Lee Friedlander, appeared in Playboy in 1985 and is to be auctioned Feb. 12. Madonna was a 20-year-old dancer trying to make ends meet when she answered Friedlander's newspaper ad seeking a nude model, said Matthieu Humery, head of Christie's photography department.

You can go to Christies website and check out the auction for yourself.  They even have a feature where you can click on the picture and they invite you to "enlarge and zoom".  It was a sweet offer, but one I chose to decline.  "No thank you," I said.  "I think I got the gist of it from here."

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    Big Smelly Dirt Cock 01/16/2009 13:47

    I like a nice muff but that is a bit too much.

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    TopherRyan 01/16/2009 13:47

    that is not Madonna….i have been a fan for years….and this is not her

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    BuddyGroove 01/16/2009 13:48

    I think they shot the movie PLATOON in that thing.

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    BuddyGroove 01/16/2009 13:49

    Either u r a girl, TOPHERRYAN, or a gay. Either is fine. I prefer girl though.

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    dio91 01/16/2009 13:50

    You could knit a sweater with that thing. What I’m concerned with is the Big-Foot esq armpits and leg hair – WTF?

  6. avatar
    BuddyGroove 01/16/2009 13:51

    Chicks that don’t shave r nasty. I’m sorry, but they are.

  7. avatar
    TopherRyan 01/16/2009 13:52

    Buddy- not sure what orifice your head has been crammed up, but I got the gay….but I can tuck in inbetween if you prefer

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    Lil'Yimmy Norton 01/16/2009 13:52

    New guy- you’re trying to hard. you had a good line with, ‘looks like she just gave birth to baby bear’ end post. no need to go further. On a side note when was that pussy style ever popular? It looks like the floor of a barbershop

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    Sloth 01/16/2009 13:55

    Her bush is attacking her armpit.

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    ohmwrecker 01/16/2009 13:55

    Sorry, Topher. It’s been well established that it is, in fact, Madonna. I remember when these pics first came out. I didn’t even care that she had a buffalo pelt on her pussy and marmosets under her arms. I still damn near pulled my pud off.

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    TopherRyan 01/16/2009 13:56

    Guess I am not as gay as I originally thought…..thanks for the correction ohm.

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    Jacktion! 01/16/2009 13:56

    Richard Karn, Home Improvement‘s Al Borland banged Madonna.

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    BuddyGroove 01/16/2009 13:57

    Sorry, I like the pussy. I was just saying before how I think the vagina looks so beautiful that it probably looks like the gates to heaven. For all I know that’s what God looks like- a vagina.

    sorry if I offended you God. I meant that as a compliment:)

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    Just the Tip 01/16/2009 13:58

    Damn… someone musta seen pepper’s post.

  15. avatar
    BuddyGroove 01/16/2009 13:58

    I swear that is Richard Karn determined not to let anyone forget that he’s still alive and out there.

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    Mittens 01/16/2009 13:59

    Richard Karn, Home Improvement’s Al Borland exclaimed that “BuddyGroove” is a deformed 13 year old with no sense of humour, and that his comments are nothing more than anal leakage on a keyboard.

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    BuddyGroove 01/16/2009 13:59

    was my PLATOON joke not funny? Be honest. and tell me how I coulda made the joke funny.

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    Lil'Yimmy Norton 01/16/2009 13:59

    Jacktion: Richard Karn, Home Improvement’s Al Borland banged Madonna

    I believe that hair pie in her lap is actually Richard Karn’s beard.

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    BuddyGroove 01/16/2009 14:00

    Damn, MITTENS. what the hell did I do to u man?

    by the way what a gay name.

    no offense TOPHER

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    Just the Tip 01/16/2009 14:01

    Where are the armpit shots though, huh? I seem to remember pit pics too.

    …and I’m still scared. Scarred… no, I’m scared too.

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