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By brendon April 30, 2009 @ 10:47 AM


These pictures of Ali Lohan must have been processed with magic because for the first time ever she looks sort of F-able.  I know she’s 15 and you’re not supposed to have sex with 15-year-olds(*), but it was her moms idea to whore her up like she was 35, not mine.  I’d have been just fine never thinking about her again.  If I can block out my girlfriends miscarriage I can sure as hell ignore a Lohan minus the D’s.

(*) in this country

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    Fake FatOldElvis 04/30/2009 10:48


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    Fake FatOldElvis 04/30/2009 10:48

    fist fist

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    Blunted Bonobo 04/30/2009 10:48

    Where’s Pedobear?

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    Tito 04/30/2009 10:50

    15? No fucking way. And I like the freckles, btw.

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    Zombie 04/30/2009 10:50

    I think FOE could kick Fake FOE’s ass in a backyard brawl.

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    Rick (with a silent P) 04/30/2009 10:51

    What? They’re doing “Friends: Puberty” now? I see they already cast the Courteney Cox role…

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    Frank 04/30/2009 10:58

    It’s nice to see they fixed whatever it was that kept making the site crash…

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    CodPiece 04/30/2009 10:58

    This site is going down faster than Ali’s whore sister.

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    Big Smelly Dirt Cock 04/30/2009 10:59

    That face is kind of atrocious looking but can be dealt with considering those decent cans and fine looking crotch area. I look forward to her downward spiral and slutty behavior as she gets older.

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    CodPiece 04/30/2009 10:59

    No mas animated gifs

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    Zombie 04/30/2009 11:00

    Hey CodPuss, your avatar is totally fucked! Ah-ha!

    Wait a minute. WTF?

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    Fake FatOldElvis 04/30/2009 11:01

    Hey Zombie, what is your opinion on the current Obama administration?

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    TD Tech Biatch 04/30/2009 11:03

    ok – you can all ream me later but we had an issue with an enterprising commenter that uploaded an animated GIF/AVI for his avatar and it had a virus. Had to yank all animated avatars. Sorry. I think you’d all prefer not to be infected with a virus….

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    Rick (with a silent P) 04/30/2009 11:03

    I dunno, from the neck down – no issue

    neck up…a weird Michael Keaton “Night Shift” resemblance…like pic #3, row #2


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    CodPiece 04/30/2009 11:04

    TD: I think people on here are more infected than a swine flu baby with hpv

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    Rick (with a silent P) 04/30/2009 11:07

    “Sorry. I think you’d all prefer not to be infected with a virus…again”


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    Frank 04/30/2009 11:10

    “…you can all ream me later…”

    And I thought I wasn’t going to have anything to do tonight.

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    slushpuppysupreme 04/30/2009 11:11

    Speaking of 15 year olds trying to be sexy and parents who should be ashamed of themselves and ridiculing celebrities…

    haha. This stand up comedian just rips Miley Cyrus a new one. If you thought Jamie Foxx’s comments were offensive you aint heard nothin’ yet!

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    Terrence Maddox 04/30/2009 11:14

    Got some ass, unlike Lindsay. So that’s good.

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    pepper 04/30/2009 11:15

    I think she is leagal in El Salvador.


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