LeBron really did get dunked on

About 30 minutes ago, TMZ finally unveiled the tape of LeBron James getting dunked on by a virtual unknown named Jordan Crawford. They say they "finally found the one SURVIVING copy of the moment LeBron became LeBitch". There was already a much better copy out and I cut them together for this but whatever.

It took place last week in a casual game at a Nike sponsored camp, but Nike confiscated all footage of the play fearing it would cause damage to James' rep. If they hadn't freaked out this would be no big deal. James could just as easily claim he was trying to high-five Crawford as one of them is clearly wearing the wrong jersey and they look like teammates.

There's no shame in this. If you see a guy named "Jordan Crawford", that's a dude who can dunk. Also if he has two capitol letters, an X or an apostrophe in his first name, those dudes can either dunk or run a 4.3 40.