Madonna is gettin me all hot

By brendon July 27, 2009 @ 3:24 PM


Madonna was back in London this weekend, and the Daily Mail said, “The 50-year-old pop star shocked onlookers as she stepped out last night in a short-sleeved top that revealed her arms. With not an inch of fat to act as a buffer, her protruding muscles and thick bulging veins were clearly visible through her aging and wrinkled skin.”

Whoever wrote that is crazy. It’s sexy when you can see a girls heart beat through her skin, and watch her veins pulse as blood runs through them. The person who wrote this article is probably fat. Fat people are always real jealous.


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  1. Woodsman 07/27/2009 15:24


  2. Mac-Daddy 07/27/2009 15:26

    I just Sharted!

  3. Mac-Daddy 07/27/2009 15:27

    errrr, ^^^that should have said…that’s her…”I just Sharted” Look!

  4. Death to Finkle! 07/27/2009 15:28

    So vein.

  5. stubbleonthebox 07/27/2009 15:30

    ok at least give me gaga over madonna??

  6. Woodsman 07/27/2009 15:31

    Anticipated Coroner’s report for Madonna:
    Victim was chased and captured by African villagers fearing the American Witch had returned to steal and eat more children. Stake driven through heart. Body quartered and the four parts buried separately at a crossroads aligned with the four points of the compass.

  7. Big Smelly Dirt Cock 07/27/2009 15:32

    She looks hot if you’ve ever wanted to fuck an Auschwitz victim.

  8. RedRage 07/27/2009 15:33

    Her and Keith Richards have matching arms! She’s just trying to fit in in Africa so they give her another kid. Shoot it!

  9. Rokan 07/27/2009 15:33

    I’ll give you Amy Winehouse over madonna.

    I wonder what her penis looks like?

  10. DB's Treasure 07/27/2009 15:33

    I’d fuck Lisa Rinna’s pussy if it were filled with fire ants before dicking Madonna.

    Fucking. Gross.

  11. Woodsman 07/27/2009 15:34

    Sure Stubble, like I’ll give you being stabbed beats crucifixion.

  12. Curval 07/27/2009 15:34

    Take it down! Fucking gross!

  13. They Call Me Lo 07/27/2009 15:35

    Oh Madonna you sexy BIIIITTTTCHHHHHHH! I’ve always dreamed of having a woman with shiny see-thru old-woman skin! Throw that dustbowl of a cooter up here so we can have a look!

    Just threw up in my mouth a little again today.

  14. CodPiece 07/27/2009 15:36

    Kurt Cobain looks great!

  15. They Call Me Lo 07/27/2009 15:36

    I’m thinking we can see some granny-panty action in this pic also. Woohoo!

  16. dirtydiane 07/27/2009 15:36

    that’s nasty.

  17. SCUM 07/27/2009 15:38

    I though that was the oldest Hanson brother.

  18. Rick (with a silent P) 07/27/2009 15:38

    I see someone has run out of virgin’s blood for her nightly bath…

  19. Rokan 07/27/2009 15:39

    I would get that checked out. Sounds like acid reflux.

    By the way, after the steady downturn of beaver quality since this morning I would like to stand by my earlier statement that I would nibble corn out of Ali Larter’s asshole.

    Did that help, Lo?

  20. RedRage 07/27/2009 15:39

    I wonder what her daughter thinks of her mothers appearance? Oh, right. She can’t see her through that sheepdog uni brow she’s rocking.

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