Holy Crap

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This story is so fucked up it's almost hard to comprehend. Thankfully TMZ writes at a level where you expect the story to have pop-up dinosaurs in it or furry swatches over drawings of a dog. The cliff notes are this:

- The body of a one-time Playboy model named Jasmine Fiore (above, right) was found in a trash bin, stuffed inside a suitcase, in Buena Park last Saturday morning. - The suspect is a man named Ryan Jenkins, who was a finalist on the VH1 dating show, "Megan Wants a Millionaire." - The shows finale has not aired, but Jenkins was reportedly cut near the end. After he was cut, he went to Vegas, met Jasmine in a strip club, and married her two days later. - Surprisingly, Jasmines roommate says their relationship was "on the rocks". She also said that Jenkins told her he was "done with the relationship" and that "he couldn't take it anymore". This was one day after Jasmine was found in a dumpster. - Jenkins is still on the run, and may be fleeing to Canada.

WENN had these pictures of Jasmine.  She's not very attractive, but that doesn't mean it's okay to kill her. Legally, I mean.

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