Whitney Houston really sucks

Whitney Houstons much-publicized concert in Central Park, to be aired tomorrow on 'Good Morning America', was cut short today because Oh My God her voice is fuckin terrible. It's all nasally and deep, like an unconvincing female impersonator. Tyler Perry sounds more like a woman than Whitney does. The Daily News says...

Whitney Houston cut short her much-hyped comeback performance on "Good Morning America" Tuesday after apparently losing her voice. The Grammy-winning diva got through just three songs from her new album "I Look to You" before apologizing to the 5,000-person crowd for overusing her famous pipes. "I'm so sorry. I did 'Oprah.' I've been talking for so long. ... I talked so much, my voice," she said, trailing off.

Yeah that must have been it. It was because she talked to Oprah for an hour. Crack cocaine is filled with vitamins, it's basically like an herbal tea, so Whitneys decade long drug binge should have only helped. Luckily this concert was free. Actually I think the tickets were free, but 300 dollars if she actually showed up.

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