warning: david. letterman. sex tape.


Oh thank god this one is from the National Enquirer.

A studio surveillance tape reportedly caught the 62-year-old star and a much-younger female co-worker in a compromising position (The tape could end his marriage and) persuade worried CBS execs to hammer the final nail into the talk-show host's late-night career - and could play a key role in the trial of the producer who allegedly tried to blackmail him. "If the tape makes its way into the criminal case, it'll explode his marriage to smithereens," revealed a close source. "It's one thing for him to have publicly admitted to having had sexual relations with some women on his staff. It's another to see him in the throes of passion with one of those women.

The governor of Louisiana once said he couldn't lose an election unless he got caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy. The same goes with firing David Letterman. He's in first place by a mile. This alleged sex tape won't get him fired. Mostly because no one would have the stomach to watch it. I have enough problems getting an erection as it is. So much pressure! It happened again last Friday. I snuck off the the bathroom and called 911 but they said that's not the kind of thing they're set up to handle.

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