do people not know this?

By brendon October 20, 2009 @ 2:48 PM


Lots of websites have some old black and white pictures of Dita Von Tease today, supposedly “never before seen” nudes. I don’t know what to call whatever the hell it is she does now, but she used to be naked all the damn time. That bitch is horrible looking. She’s pale with a weird body. And she wanted to be a model. Of course she was gonna get naked. It’s not like there’s some placement test for models. There’s no sanctioning body. Hottest model wins. And unfortunately for her she looks like a ghost you would see on the Titanic.

I’m not putting this ocular poison on Tyler but go over here if you want and there’s a whole gallery of her f’n herself with a popsicle. Go nuts if that’s what you like. I’m not here to judge, man. But don’t open these at work. You may think you can be sneaky, but you’ll get busted when they hear your frightened whimpering.


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  1. GivinUpTheFight 10/20/2009 14:52

    Everyone’s too scared to even comment

  2. GivinUpTheFight 10/20/2009 14:53

    Not me though, I’ll brave even the fugliest bitch.

  3. Slaappy 10/20/2009 14:54

    Speaking of pastie vampires

  4. GivinUpTheFight 10/20/2009 14:54


  5. TheOverrated 10/20/2009 14:56

    dita von teese is about as attractive as the bottom of ghandi’s feet

  6. CB007 10/20/2009 15:01

    Guys don’t pay any mind to the fake. Focus your attention right here baby.

  7. chubby chaser 10/20/2009 15:01

    You homos!
    That’s a nice looking pussy.

  8. evil deeds 10/20/2009 15:02

    yea i dont know if id hit that, after MM hit it

  9. DB's Treasure 10/20/2009 15:04

    I see nothing wrong with her. Wait, one thing…I’m not in her.

  10. whatizdat 10/20/2009 15:04

    any whore who makes things disappear and then reappear in her cooze is OK in my book

  11. SsnakeOil 10/20/2009 15:05

    She’s not ugly, but I agree with deeds — would I go someplace that Marilyn Manson has been?

  12. CB007 10/20/2009 15:06

    Yuck no, and her hair line grosses me out…

  13. DarkCherry 10/20/2009 15:08

    dd – re the previous: written by Laurell K Hamilton. she writes a few other vampire/fantasy/mystical series but the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series is the best one.

    love Dita. would kill you all for her shoe collection.

  14. SsnakeOil 10/20/2009 15:09

    Real CB, how does fake CB know when you’re on line?

  15. Jean-Claude Van Douche 10/20/2009 15:10


  16. SuperB 10/20/2009 15:11

    With ya DC, i cant even imagine how crazy I could go in her closet

  17. chubby chaser 10/20/2009 15:13

    love Dita. would kill you all for her dildo collection.

  18. leftnutofjesus 10/20/2009 15:14

    marilyn manson’s dick has a bigger jones for coke than he does. he’s toting 4….maybe 5 inches of linguine.

    i got 6 inches of flesh cannon jutting off my starboard bow. i’d frost this bitch’s tips with the power of a condor.

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