do people not know this?

By brendon October 20, 2009 @ 2:48 PM


Lots of websites have some old black and white pictures of Dita Von Tease today, supposedly “never before seen” nudes. I don’t know what to call whatever the hell it is she does now, but she used to be naked all the damn time. That bitch is horrible looking. She’s pale with a weird body. And she wanted to be a model. Of course she was gonna get naked. It’s not like there’s some placement test for models. There’s no sanctioning body. Hottest model wins. And unfortunately for her she looks like a ghost you would see on the Titanic.

I’m not putting this ocular poison on Tyler but go over here if you want and there’s a whole gallery of her f’n herself with a popsicle. Go nuts if that’s what you like. I’m not here to judge, man. But don’t open these at work. You may think you can be sneaky, but you’ll get busted when they hear your frightened whimpering.

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    DB's Treasure 10/20/2009 15:14

    I bet this bitch takes it in the ass. Better yet, I think she demands it. If I had a girl turn and tell me to slip it in her shitter I’d bust a nut right then and there.

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    DarkCherry 10/20/2009 15:15

    she laces down to like 16 inches or something insane.

    ohh but to try on that purple Vivian Westwood dress she wore when she married MM….. die.

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    leftnutofjesus 10/20/2009 15:16

    chicks don’t “tell” me to slip it in their shitter….

    i do a test run with my thumb. if the brown eyed monster eats that, i give it my penile upgrade.

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    Observer 10/20/2009 15:17

    Say what you will…..

    …but a naked chick is better than three (and 1/2) semi-clad boys….

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    Observer 10/20/2009 15:17


    …well said….

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    RedRage 10/20/2009 15:18

    Ahhhhh!!!!!! A customer was just in my office. Guess he has a cold because the asshole sneezed and a silly putty egg sized booger shot out of his mouth, tumbling end over end, and hit the floor right in front of me! Ahhhh!!!

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    Observer 10/20/2009 15:20

    at least she has the decency to leave a tuft of hair around her pussy…….

    ….It’s like an accent piece…

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    leftnutofjesus 10/20/2009 15:20

    cumboogers, huh?

    i play with them in the shower.

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    Observer 10/20/2009 15:21


    ….do you sell handkerchiefs?

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    leftnutofjesus 10/20/2009 15:21


    you couldn’t fit inside the bitch’s closet.
    much less into an article of her goddamned clothing.

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    DB's Treasure 10/20/2009 15:22

    I’d suck on this bitch’s anal beads.

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    Slaappy 10/20/2009 15:23

    RR sorry about that I was just testing my H1N1 shooter

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    leftnutofjesus 10/20/2009 15:23


    that tuft of hair is a “pelt.”

    that shit will start forest fires.

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    RedRage 10/20/2009 15:24

    Obs, no. That is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in quite awhile. I can still see the mark it left on the floor!

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    Watt 10/20/2009 15:25

    So pepper links are the news now?

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    DB's Treasure 10/20/2009 15:25

    RedRage, that’s the most disgusting thiing you’ve seen in awhile? Have you ever gone down on a pussy in the morning – before you got out of bed – just after a night of fucking and cumming inside it?



    …it’s bitter

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    DB's Treasure 10/20/2009 15:28

    I ate wonton soup and lobster lo mein for lunch. Now I have to shit. It should be pleasant. I shall return.

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    SuperB 10/20/2009 15:29

    RR, was like a human hairball?

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    Observer 10/20/2009 15:30


    ….I don’t see that as a “pelt”…..more of a snowy down…….

    This strikes me as “peltish”…..

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    leftnutofjesus 10/20/2009 15:30

    i’ve ate pussy in the morning after cumming inside of it the night before. it’s like spreading open a grill cheese sandwich to get to the battery acid tinged swiss cheese flavored juice inside.

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