do people not know this?

By brendon October 20, 2009 @ 2:48 PM


Lots of websites have some old black and white pictures of Dita Von Tease today, supposedly “never before seen” nudes. I don’t know what to call whatever the hell it is she does now, but she used to be naked all the damn time. That bitch is horrible looking. She’s pale with a weird body. And she wanted to be a model. Of course she was gonna get naked. It’s not like there’s some placement test for models. There’s no sanctioning body. Hottest model wins. And unfortunately for her she looks like a ghost you would see on the Titanic.

I’m not putting this ocular poison on Tyler but go over here if you want and there’s a whole gallery of her f’n herself with a popsicle. Go nuts if that’s what you like. I’m not here to judge, man. But don’t open these at work. You may think you can be sneaky, but you’ll get busted when they hear your frightened whimpering.

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    DarkCherry 10/20/2009 16:27

    i’m not a guy but i would say i’d grind my box on her face until she passed out from lack of oxygen.

    night y’all

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    Observer 10/20/2009 16:28

    Dirty Diane…..

    …..Rokan could never get those words out……

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    Chubb_Norris 10/20/2009 16:28

    Dita has a nice lesbo scene.

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    leftnutofjesus 10/20/2009 16:29


    that doesn’t surprise me. i wouldn’t take you in a dildo store cuz they get mad when your put your mouth on everything they got.

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    beergoggles 10/20/2009 16:29


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    DB's Treasure 10/20/2009 16:30

    Damn it chubbs, I’m sitting here at my desk with a boner hard enough to play pool with.

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    Observer 10/20/2009 16:31

    Is it just me…..?

    …or did Dark Cali make us ALL cum……hard…..

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    Chubb_Norris 10/20/2009 16:33

    What did Cali do? I miss something? Shit…

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    Observer 10/20/2009 16:33

    I don’t know if anyone else has noticed…..

    ….but some of the links posted in the comments have a bit of a lascivious tinge….

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    DarkCherry 10/20/2009 16:33


    stop humping my leg douchebag. take the fucking hint alright?

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    leftnutofjesus 10/20/2009 16:33

    looks like they just broke the beak off a swan ice sculpture and started porking each other with it.

    i need bate break.

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    Watt 10/20/2009 16:34

    You should see a doctor about your premature ejaculation obs.

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    Observer 10/20/2009 16:34

    Cubb Norris…..

    ….read the top comment on this page….

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    leftnutofjesus 10/20/2009 16:36


    what’s the hint? i’d suck every dick off in a store full of dicks if i were a chick.

    don’t get all high-brow on me, little gal.

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    Chubb_Norris 10/20/2009 16:37

    Oh the box and whatnot. Thought I mighta missed out on a titty pic or something good. S’pose its too much to ask?

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    Observer 10/20/2009 16:37


    ….now you’re talking…..

    …I could use a new “personal” care physician……

    …though in truth….any chick with a PhD would probably do……


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    chubby chaser 10/20/2009 16:37

    I may be fat, but I would drill this bitch non stop.

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    Chubb_Norris 10/20/2009 16:38

    And its CHUBB goddamnit

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    Chubb_Norris 10/20/2009 16:39

    Funny, I feel like I’m being chased.

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    DB's Treasure 10/20/2009 16:40

    just look at that ass in chubb’s avatar…

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