taylor, what are you doing?

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When Taylor Swift was at Katy Perrys birthday paint party over the weekend, one picture showed some random guy behind her with a swastika on his shirt (here). It seemed likely this was some jackass and the fact that they were photographed together was just unfortunate timing for Taylor and her good girl image.

But now someone claiming to be the guy in the picture is on a message board (here) saying he’s Taylors new boyfriend, and he’s posting the picture you see above as some kind of proof

I judge people by the way they look (Asian girls are sexual deviants, black guys can get you weed, etc.) and this guy looks Jewish, so I’ve decided he’s Jewish and therefore is just some nerd who does stuff like this for attention.  But why Taylor would pose for pictures with him is the real question.  She’s supposed to be a force for good, and considering she looks like a walking recruitment poster for Nazi Youth and the Aryan ideal, it’s hard to believe she would smile and pose next to a swastika.  I’m not gonna lie to you, I’ve seen better ideas.

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