angelina has a new movie

It's been mentioned before, but Nicole Kidman was originally cast and even did some filming as Brad Pitts wife in ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith'. Then she got hurt, dropped out, Catherine Zeta Jones said no, and Angelina Jolie was cast.

‘Salt' was written for a male lead and was about to film with Tom Cruise as the star before he had to drop out. Then Angelina said she would do it, and the producers pretended not to stare at her tits as they squealed with delight.

The point to this is that Hollywood is run by fuckin retards. Even though this bootleg ‘Salt' trailer is in Russian, Jolie is perfect. Kidman would have sucked as Mrs. Smith. You don't need to be a spy to kick her ass, you just need to be a sunny day. Tom Cruise is 30 inches tall. You could just throw a blanket over him, or take his gun and put it on the top shelf. Angelina however probably could kick my ass, mostly because I would cum in my pants while we were wrestling.

(picture source = wenn and splash news online)

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