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By brendon November 23, 2009 @ 6:53 PM

Katie Price

I’d forgotten how boring holiday weeks can be. When pictures of Katie Price, seen here posing on the set of the UKs ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’, are considered a welcome relief, you know the day has been boring as hell. If this keeps up, by Wednesday I’ll use a post to see if I can name all 50 states. The last time I tried I got hung up at 48. Although some would say 46, depending on if you count Canada and Baton Rouge as states.

(source = inf daily)


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  1. SCUM 11/23/2009 18:57

    I would go to Iraq for that rack.

  2. Watt 11/23/2009 19:00

    I’m a celebrity get me out of these clothes!

  3. chubby chaser 11/23/2009 19:04

    remember one thing , Harvey is her son.

  4. chubby chaser 11/23/2009 19:06

    harvey is a retard like watt.
    that , that’s all folks.

  5. Rusty Sanchez 11/23/2009 19:06

    Her face kinda looks like Gina Gershon in a couple of pics. Must be the grouper-like mouth.

  6. Woodsman 11/23/2009 19:08

    Rusty: nice call; but you say “grouper-like mouth” as though it’s a bad thing

  7. SCUM 11/23/2009 19:11

    Grouper? I would grope her.

  8. Rusty Sanchez 11/23/2009 19:13

    No no, Woods, not bad at all. Awesome for sucking dick, gargling nads, opening beer bottles, storing my golf balls and a multitude of other handy things. I am a fan.

  9. drunkhardon 11/23/2009 19:18

    Wow, those are some great boobies.

  10. Woodsman 11/23/2009 19:21

    RS: whew! You scared me there for a moment.

    So Chubby seriously trashed Watt by referencing Katie Price’s severely autistic son? Wow. And this from a guy who hasn’t been laid since Clinton was President?

  11. Rusty Sanchez 11/23/2009 19:26

    Yeah Woods, Chubby weak attemps at humor have been widely panned yet we still get lame desparate attempts.

  12. Rusty Sanchez 11/23/2009 19:27

    wow… *Chubby’s….*attempts

    I however still make lame attempts at typing.

  13. Watt 11/23/2009 19:33

    Pepper should just make another name and try again.

  14. entropissed 11/23/2009 20:19

    What a tease

    I hate classy whores, they always cost more $$$

    Pic 2 really captures what she would look like if she was peeing standing up, so I guess that’s sexy

  15. Rokan 11/23/2009 20:34

    A worming we shall go . . .
    A worming we shall go . . .

    Hi-Ho the Derry-O . . .

    A worming we shall go . . . .

  16. SsnakeOil 11/23/2009 20:35

    These pictures are Photoshopped so much they look like Pixar animations. It might even BE Gina Gershon.

  17. Rokan 11/23/2009 20:37

    Hey, Ssnake.

    So . . . Its pretty fun around here, huh?

  18. Tito's Anal Adventures 11/23/2009 20:38

    I wanna see her eat roaches.
    And I probably will.

  19. Rokan 11/23/2009 20:40

    Well, All I can say is that she is wasting her water.

    You can’t hydrate yourself like that.

  20. SsnakeOil 11/23/2009 20:40

    Rokan, I asked a question today but I had to leave before (or if) you answered. With the business set up now are you staying in CHI or moving back to DET?

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