"it had to be drugs."

Dr. Cyril Wecht is just about as famous a forensic pathologist can get. He's the Lebron James of pathologists, the only difference being the quality of pussy I assume they get.

Although not directly involved with the Brittany Murphy case, he told CBS News today there's little doubt in his mind about what killed her, despite the early reports claiming she died of natural causes.

"When you have a 32-year-old person dying suddenly … you can place your bet down that it's going prove to be a case of acute combined drug toxicity. I guarantee you that, if the pathologists at the Los Angeles coroner's office had found something dramatic, like a heart attack, like a stroke, or like something of a definitive nature, would you have heard about it. The fact that they say that they're going wait for toxicology tests and it will take a couple of months, you can be sure that this is going to prove to be a case of acute combined drug toxicity."

Toxi City would be a good name for a rave club or something. Which reminded me of Brittanys song with Paul Oakenfold. It's actually really good if you like that kind of music. So it's okay if you do. You don't have to act tough to impress me. I love you no matter what.

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