jessica simpson is a natural beauty

By brendon December 22, 2009 @ 4:56 PM


Jessica Simpson is a little under the weather this week, so last night the role of “Jessica Simpson” was played by her understudy, Andy Samberg.

(source = splash news online)


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  1. DB's Treasure 12/22/2009 16:57

    You can’t expect a woman to walk around with makeup on or looking photoshopped all the damn time. She still looks better than half of the walking garbage you find on the streets of Philly. I’d give her vagina rosey cheeks.

  2. The Irreverent Tony Stark 12/22/2009 16:59

    It’s ALL walking garbage in Philly.

    Hail Krishna!

  3. Watt 12/22/2009 17:00

    Hahhaha andy samberg I laughed.

    Deebs she gets paid to look good. So yes I expect her to walk around with photoshop on.

  4. DB's Treasure 12/22/2009 17:01

    I’d still pump her full of lead.

  5. RedRage 12/22/2009 17:01

    I agree DB, she still gets the blood flowing to the fun area. Would core like a McIntosh.

  6. DarkCherry 12/22/2009 17:03

    omg bitch got dumped on her birthday, her dog eaten by a coyote, and an entire football league publicly making fun of her weight.

    i’m shocked she even leaves the damn house poor girl.

    plus, it’s fucking COLD and WINDY over here on the east coast.

  7. Observer 12/22/2009 17:06

    Note to self…….

    ….stay out of Philly….

  8. Watt 12/22/2009 17:07

    Just hire deebs to fuck the weight off her. Might take 6 or 8 months but a high protein dick diet and plenty of exercise she’ll be daisy duke again in no time

  9. Woodsman 12/22/2009 17:07

    Andy Samberg = levity

  10. SuperB 12/22/2009 17:08

    Everybody has off days…jus sayin

    and she def doesnt look as bad as half the hollywood bitches would without makeup

  11. Observer 12/22/2009 17:08

    Dollars to donuts……

    ….I’d pork her……

    ….even during Hanukkah

  12. pepper 12/22/2009 17:09

    Put a fork on this bitch….she is done……….

  13. SCUM 12/22/2009 17:09

    Roseanne Barr or Paleobooze?

  14. Observer 12/22/2009 17:10

    The poor kid can’t even afford new jeans……

  15. SCUM 12/22/2009 17:11

    Pepper doesn’t like white girls. White boys however.

  16. Rusty Sanchez 12/22/2009 17:12

    I would no problem parking in her sausage garage. She still does it for me.

  17. pg13 12/22/2009 17:18


  18. Observer 12/22/2009 17:18

    I wonder how many inches Jessica got while she was in New York City……

  19. SuperB 12/22/2009 17:20

    Rusty, what is the temp out there today?

  20. Observer 12/22/2009 17:23


    butter face…..?

    ….I’d butter her ass like Marlon Brando did to the babe in “Last Tango in Paris”…………

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