caution: jessica simpson crossing

By brendon January 14, 2010 @ 10:33 AM

SEMI-EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Simpson Packing On The Pounds Again

Jessica Simpson made a quick stop at a restaurant on Wilshire last night on her way to dinner before heading out to dinner and then In-N-Out for a quick bite to eat on the way to a bakery for pie. That CAUTION sign is to alert the other patrons. She’s like Yogi Bear when he’d steal picnic baskets. You have to watch her like a hawk or she’ll pull the fire alarm and then swipe everyone’s food in the confusion.

(source = flynet)

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    Observer 01/14/2010 10:39

    I’d steal into her undecorated vadge in a second……

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    Observer 01/14/2010 10:40

    I’d appreciate her rubbing my dick with her tits warmly squished together…..

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    Al Bundy 01/14/2010 10:41

    I’d still stir her guts.

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    Rokan 01/14/2010 10:45


    That’s what people don’t give fat girls enough credit for. Huge veiny saucer-nippled boobies

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    pepper 01/14/2010 10:46

    from pears to mellons………I’ll take the mellons!!

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    RemSteale 01/14/2010 10:48

    Wow, thats some rack

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    whatizdat 01/14/2010 10:50

    There is only one thing wrong with this post – NO FUCKING TITS

    We want to see her huge melons busting out of their earthly restraints!

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    Naddz Dangle 01/14/2010 10:51

    We wants naked tittays and we wants them right fu*king NOW.

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    RemSteale 01/14/2010 10:51

    I would surmise they were pretty close to it whatizdat, just one good trip

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    Rokan 01/14/2010 10:52



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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 01/14/2010 10:55

    after seeing how stupid she is in real life, i don’t think i could stand to be around this idiot for more then 15 minutes unless she was muffled and stifled by placing my cock in her esophagus.. Whats up with this morning post? I was sure we were gonna stare at that unfunny mexican for another few hours.

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    Woodsman 01/14/2010 10:56

    It’s fat girl day!

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    RemSteale 01/14/2010 10:57

    I thought the only unfunny mexican was Danny Trejo?

  14. avatar
    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 01/14/2010 11:03

    Carlos Mencia?

  15. avatar
    RemSteale 01/14/2010 11:04

    Okay, he’s not too funny either

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    whatizdat 01/14/2010 11:10

    We can always pray Rem, maybe less clothes when she does break loose is what I meant

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    Just the Tip 01/14/2010 11:12

    I still jerk off to her video for her “Boots Are Made For Walking” cover…


  18. avatar
    RemSteale 01/14/2010 11:14

    I prefer to jerk off to “women seeking women 8″, but maybe thats just me..

  19. avatar
    RemSteale 01/14/2010 11:16

    Less clothes works for me whatizdat. She’s in LA, she wouldnt be cold

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    oy 01/14/2010 11:37

    $1000 she takes it up the can…

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