i think you still need lyrics

By brendon January 22, 2010 @ 12:33 PM


Katy Perry and her producer went back on forth on twitter last night, with him begging her to get some work done and her explaining that she already had plans for the evening. What a coincidence. Downloading porn is a big part of my writing process too. She’s still gonna need lyrics though. You cant record an entire album about how much you love big black cocks. Well you can, but that might send mixed messages to your pasty white British fiance.

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    Mac-Daddy 01/22/2010 12:36


    SHOW me the Titties!!!

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    cmb224 01/22/2010 12:41

    Bag that head first…

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    dirtysanchez 01/22/2010 12:42

    hm, if she needs some technical assistance I could help her out…:drool:

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    SCUM 01/22/2010 12:45

    I came to work early for this?

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    Mony Vibescu 01/22/2010 12:51

    She fancies a negroid phallus?

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    RemSteale 01/22/2010 12:51

    A girl who likes porn. Who knew?

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    Observer 01/22/2010 12:52

    Maybe she could write a song about me raping her……


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    Zombie 01/22/2010 12:53

    I’m going to go ahead and rate this as the dumbest post of 2010… and it’s only January.

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    Death to Finkle! 01/22/2010 12:55

    What’s the over/under on Z having raped a girl? Maybe just a little…

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    RemSteale 01/22/2010 12:55

    I’m pretty sure there will be dumber Z

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    Rokan 01/22/2010 12:57


    Its not rape if a girl says No and she really means Yes.

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    SuperB 01/22/2010 12:58

    I feel dumber after reading this post….

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    Gildorg 01/22/2010 12:59

    So wait, is the stupid broad going to show her tits or not?

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    Death to Finkle! 01/22/2010 12:59

    Do you need to set down, Sup?

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    Observer 01/22/2010 12:59

    Death To Finkle……

    …I would say Zero……

    …..you have to get in proximity to a girl to do that……

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    SuperB 01/22/2010 13:00

    ::wipes drool:: ::tightens helmet strap::

    uh huh finks…

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    Observer 01/22/2010 13:01

    Mony Vibescu……

    …I think you may have defined Ms. Perry’s life goals….

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    Rokan 01/22/2010 13:02


    I’m watching Nash Bridges

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    pepper 01/22/2010 13:02

    zombie grows a hair on his stash with each rape……

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    DB's Treasure 01/22/2010 13:02

    Great. Twitter.

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