alice eve knows how to dress

By brendon March 11, 2010 @ 1:11 PM


Paramount must really love ‘Shes Out Of My League’ because they’re spending a fortune to promote it. Last night they had a premiere in Vegas, but it seems like they’ve been all over the country. They were in Boston earlier this week, and last week they even sent Alice Eve to a Hooters in Atlanta. She never did commit to the outfit, which might have been for the best. Those stupid leggings they wear are creepy. It’s this weird tan color, it looks like they have prosthetic legs. Oohh, sexy.


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  1. Jessica 03/11/2010 13:15

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  2. Observer 03/11/2010 13:15

    A fortune to promote it??

    I hope you got at least a finnif or a sawbuck…..

  3. DB's Treasure 03/11/2010 13:16

    I hope I get to see this chick naked in her new movie.

  4. pepper 03/11/2010 13:17


  5. RemSteale 03/11/2010 13:21

    Studios do indeed spend a lot on advertising a great movie. They also spend on a piece of crap that they have spent too much on and need to recoup their money.

  6. Observer 03/11/2010 13:23


    …does this chick do nudity?

  7. Watt 03/11/2010 13:25

    they are spending a fortune to advertise it. Yes. We see the ads.

  8. Zombie 03/11/2010 13:26

    Don’t know, don’t care… just relieved Cali was not present for the Gaga thread.

  9. CodPiece 03/11/2010 13:27

    Meh … she’s an easy 7

  10. Observer 03/11/2010 13:27

    Does anyone know if she shows anything worth me waiting for this to come to HBO next fall?

  11. Rokan 03/11/2010 13:28


    That chick looks like she has two fried eggs for tits.

    Hat to see her when she’s 40

  12. Observer 03/11/2010 13:28


    …seems Alice Eve may show her tits in at least one movie…..

  13. Observer 03/11/2010 13:29


    ….have you been frying ostrich eggs lately?

  14. Watt 03/11/2010 13:29

    Can someone shoot that fat fuck Michael Moore?

  15. Observer 03/11/2010 13:33


    ….inverted puffy nipples and a meticulously trimmed trim….

    what more can you ask for?

  16. Watt 03/11/2010 13:33

    Z I have my browser set up to filter Lady Gaga

  17. Observer 03/11/2010 13:35


    ….why do you want to shoot your patron saint?

  18. Barbarella 03/11/2010 13:35

    Meh… average.

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