holly madison is good luck

By brendon March 18, 2010 @ 4:38 PM

holly madison 180310

Holly Madison lives in Vegas these days because she’s the star of ‘Peepshow’ at Planet Hollywood, so yesterday she went down to O’Sheas Casino for St. Patrick’s Day. She got dressed in this tiny little outfit and played some game, the goal of which was to see if she could make my penis flush with blood. As you can tell by the way she’s jumping up and down, hooray, she did it!

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    Zombie 03/18/2010 16:41

    Oh the fun I’m going to have photoshopping my dick into that banner pic tonight. You guys enjoy your NCAA bullshit.

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    Woodsman 03/18/2010 16:41

    it’s large fake boobs day

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    ohmwrecker 03/18/2010 16:41

    Tiger:Sent: 01:27 AM 07/31/2009:
Jessica, I am going to stuff you in my golf bag and me and Vijay are going to take turns pummeling you with our putters.

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    Woodsman 03/18/2010 16:42

    Z: you have skills

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    Jessica 03/18/2010 16:45

    Someone told me SeekingAffluent.com. It’s the place where you can meet millionaires, who are searching for their special someone.

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    pepper 03/18/2010 16:46

    Brend*n ..youi need to stop taking shit from Hollywoodtuna and Dlisted…Jesus…get your own shit!!!!

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    oy 03/18/2010 16:46

    i’m sure he meant to say fuck…

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    pepper 03/18/2010 16:46

    And how about getting rid of Jessica?

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    SomeoneluvsU 03/18/2010 16:51

    Pic #5

    Leprechaun: “Do you have a little Irish in you?….”

    H.M: “No”

    Leprechaun: “Would you to?”

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    SomeoneluvsU 03/18/2010 16:52

    ^like to

    Fuck me sideways.

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    SCUM 03/18/2010 16:52

    Zombie, that Avi is fucking funny as hell, good show my man.

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    Smeg McMuffin 03/18/2010 16:53

    I wonder if that midget can smell her vag from there

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    Chicago_animal 03/18/2010 16:57

    Apoarently she used to take Hefners Viagra hard wang right up her pooper

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    genericwhiteguy 03/18/2010 16:58

    It probably smells like Heff’s old balls

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    pepper 03/18/2010 16:58

    Vandy just lost…ahahahahahaahahaha

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    Zombie 03/18/2010 17:00

    Scum, I figured I owed you guys a good laugh after making you stare at me showboating in a limo for the past few weeks. Your avi is pretty damn fantastic as well. Thanks for introducing me to miss Claire… the Holly shop-job may have to wait for another night!

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    SCUM 03/18/2010 17:00

    Pic #5 Pepper: Hey Holly, you ever mad love to an angry, little old dude? Holly: Fuck off Pepper, everyone knows you’re gay.

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    SCUM 03/18/2010 17:03

    Zombie, she is probably the hottest Irish girl ever, and only 24. BTW, I am going to steal your Avi and use it for my Facebook profile.

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    pepper 03/18/2010 17:06

    BTW zombie, I’m going to use your avi and use it for one of my puppets…..

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    Just the Tip 03/18/2010 17:07

    ::starts to paint cock green::

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