kirstie alley and her new diet might be a scientology trick


Is the new diet company "Organic Liason", the one fronted and partially owned by Kirstie Alley, actually just another secret Scientology fundraiser? Yes.

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Or if you're one of those nerds who likes reading, there's this from the Hollywood Reporter. I only read like the first sentence because I'm not good with names. I'll never remember all that. So even if I had read it it would be like I never did. So really, whats the point? That was a good story, wasn't it?

Organic Liaison's advisory board includes a prominent Scientologist named Michelle Seward. Seward is also the CEO of Protege Financial, a Scientology-based company. The corporate office for Organic Liaison is in Clearwater, Fla. — headquarters, not coincidentally, of Scientology. Organic Liaison is in the same building in Clearwater as the World Institute of Scientology. Another member of the advisory board, Thomas Lovejoy, has a long association with Scientology through its so-called "Artists for Human Rights." That group includes noted sect members Kelly Preston and Anne Archer. Also: Organic Liaison's accountant is Saul Lipson, a highly placed Scientologist.

Scientology or not, Kirstie Alley obviously knows the secret to physical health, so I'm gonna do whatever she does. Although I may only do half. I don't want to lose too much weight, too quickly. Ohh, I should take a bunch of pictures starting today to document my rocket ride to fitness!

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