michelle bombshell naked

By brendon March 17, 2010 @ 6:17 PM


This easily could have been part of the post below, but Tyler does better in google when I have headlines like ‘Michelle Bombshell naked’ (full size pic here).

According to her bio, she’s in med school and 90 percent (90?) covered in ink. Sounds like she’ll be a good doctor. Unless she would have to estimate something on the human body for some crazy reason. “How big should the incision be doctor?” “Um, 7 feet.”


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  1. jab_socal 03/17/2010 18:18


  2. niffer 03/17/2010 18:19

    the full nasty

  3. Jessica 03/17/2010 18:20

    Someone told me SeekingAffluent.com. It’s the place where you can meet millionaires, who are searching for their special someone.

  4. Tito's Anal Adventures 03/17/2010 18:21

    why why why why why

  5. genericwhiteguy 03/17/2010 18:24

    ya, that does not look good

  6. pepper 03/17/2010 18:25

    Jesus, who did her boob job…Edward Scissorhands?

  7. SCUM 03/17/2010 18:27

    God damn that broad is ugly as fuck.

  8. Barbarella 03/17/2010 18:31

    Nice chola eyebrows…

  9. Watt 03/17/2010 18:32


  10. Woodsman 03/17/2010 18:37

    Pep: +1
    Nice nipple scars – - aren’t doctors supposed to use scalpels instead of keyhole saws?

  11. CrappyCar 03/17/2010 18:38

    Holy shit, he cheated on her for this trailer trash?

  12. Watt 03/17/2010 18:39

    Woods I’ve seen some bitches with some nasty scars from the tit job.

    Yeah babe I love your big DDs those 3inch scars on the underside really turn me on.

  13. JonC 03/17/2010 18:44

    If I ever get cancer I hope I can find a doctor with big fake cans, face tattoos, and naked photos on the internet.

  14. Barbarella 03/17/2010 18:47

    What’s that all over her? Condensed milk?

    “Trophy Girl”…. REALLY??? Trophy for what?

  15. gerd 03/17/2010 18:50

    Nice Shauna Sands FrankenNipple. She should have checked with Jesse Douche’s previous wife for a capable plastic surgeon.

  16. DarkCherry 03/17/2010 19:06

    hum… Oscar winning actress or internet cam whore? epic fail Mr. James!!

    also jaundice or bad lighting?

  17. Barbarella 03/17/2010 19:09

    As if being cheated on isn’t bad enough… it’s just salt in the wound when it’s some disgusting skank.

  18. DarkCherry 03/17/2010 19:15

    Barb – i love the call out on the Trophy Girl tat WTF is that??

    oh and those nipple scars.. yeah i’d rather be flat chested nay concave chested then end up like that.

  19. Rusty Sanchez 03/17/2010 19:19

    Where did she get her ink done….Leavenworth Penitentiary? Just plain awful.

  20. Barbarella 03/17/2010 19:20

    She’s the grand prize for a trailer park demolition derby…

    Her skin does look like shit too. Either a bad spray job or crappy at-home photochopping.

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