ashley dupree is naked in playboy

By brendon April 14, 2010 @ 5:01 PM


Ashley Dupree will be on Opie and Anthony tomorrow morning to talk about her time as an escort and her part in bringing down Eliot Spitzer, who was Governor of New York when he saw her as a client. More to the point, she’ll talk about taking all her clothes off and letting Playboy take pictures of her hot body so that we can see her naked. What a friendly girl. I really like her attitude.

( a few pics under the cut. way, way more on

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    D. Znuts 04/14/2010 17:03


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    D. Znuts 04/14/2010 17:05

    This is the only magazine I actually buy at newsstand and you keep ruining the damn centerfolds for me! Sure, sure, I could just, you know, not click the thumbnails, but that requires self control and you know I don’t have that.

    This is all your fault Brend*n.

    On topic, hey Ashley, nice box. I like a little bit of well-groomed hair, lets you know you’re munching on a lady and not a baby. ;)

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    Olaf Metal 04/14/2010 17:06

    She’s not worth $ 5,000 a night not.

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    Woodsman 04/14/2010 17:06

    I think she should be your next President.

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    Rokan 04/14/2010 17:06

    I smell bacon.

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    Rokan 04/14/2010 17:07


    It looks like I am looking up your kilt.

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    Shiss 04/14/2010 17:11

    Her face looks alternately good then retarded. Nice hangers, though.

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    Watt 04/14/2010 17:20

    I’d hit it profusely

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    DarkCherry 04/14/2010 17:21

    great tits… wokny eyes and lame tats though.

    sure he over paid… although look at him, i’m surprised she didn’t charge him more.

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    Joe C 04/14/2010 17:23

    She is a piece of ass. Great abs and those tits are nice. They look like they’ll start migrating down south in a few years. In the meantime, she’d do very nicely.

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    nny 04/14/2010 17:26


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    Rokan 04/14/2010 17:26

    What does the tat on her belly say?

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    Donna Martin Graduates 04/14/2010 17:27

    yes, he is a real treasure. agreed on the wonky eyes and extremely lame tatts. I like the drama of the second pic, tho.

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    DarkCherry 04/14/2010 17:30

    LOL DMG – the drama of having to wear the ugliest robe ever made!

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    CrappyCar 04/14/2010 17:30

    Rokan 04/14/2010 17:26
    What does the tat on her belly say?

    Insert credit card here VVV

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    Donna Martin Graduates 04/14/2010 17:31

    oh jeez – you’re right!!

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    Barbarella 04/14/2010 17:31

    What does that tatt say? Insert coin?

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    Donna Martin Graduates 04/14/2010 17:31

    I was kinda distracted by the sexy thigh highs… among other things…

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    Sensei John Kreese 04/14/2010 17:32

    Yes her face is somewhat of a clusterfuck, but I’d like to put my weiner in/on her for sure.

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    Rokan 04/14/2010 17:33


    You’ve got a hedgehog between your legs. And, you’re a spook.

    Admit it.

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