rachel uchitel is posing for playboy

By brendon May 17, 2010 @ 4:02 PM


Rachel Uchitel got famous by sleeping with other peoples husbands, so you’d think she’d be flattered to pose for Playboy. Playmates are some of the finest people to ever live, and she should be honored to be in their company. All of us should be really. So she said yes unconditionally, right?

A source close to the mag tells us Rachel has the right to pull out any time before the shoot goes down — which is in three weeks.
We’re also told Rachel won’t be baring it all — just the backside … and the topside.

Are you god damn kidding me? This 5 has the nerve to make demands to Playboy, AND won’t show her kitty? They need to set her straight. Take your clothes off, lay down and shut your mouth little girl. That’s also the tagline on my e-harmony profile, btw. I don’t have time for games.

(source = splash news online)

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    CrappyCar 05/17/2010 16:05

    Oh god, who cares.

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    CrappyCar 05/17/2010 16:05


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    CrappyCar 05/17/2010 16:06


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    CrappyCar 05/17/2010 16:06

    Would it kill us to get some nudity up in here?

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    tinasat 05/17/2010 16:07

    watch the pics


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    tinasat 05/17/2010 16:08

    watch the pics..


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    Boba Fett 05/17/2010 16:08

    Mini… from the last thread…

    I was eighteen at the time and had the stamina of a racehorse. Don’t get me wrong, it was everything I could do to hold off. As soon as she came, I just shifted my hips. She was slippery as could be. Three or four thrusts and I finished. Mission accomplished!

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    Admiral 05/17/2010 16:08

    Yeah, no kidding. Playboy should just get the next girl in the long line of women that would probably do it for free (to help their “careers” of course).

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    DuhDale 05/17/2010 16:12

    Uckitel is a nasty, fake titted, home wreckin’ slut.

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    pepper 05/17/2010 16:12

    Did anyone watch the pics?…NO?.
    same here……

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    CrappyCar 05/17/2010 16:12

    How fitting that “Dirty Women” just started on my Slacker channel.

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    oy 05/17/2010 16:12

    ……i wouldnt mind feeding her a carrot!

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    Tahascmo 05/17/2010 16:13

    Its probably because she looks like she has been swung around by her “kitty” with the way this chick gets down,

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    SomeoneluvsU 05/17/2010 16:15

    Uchitel meets all her men on E-Har-moan-ee

    (The same place Bren don meets his men)

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    minimosh 05/17/2010 16:15

    How old are you now, Boba? 20minutes is a long time though…. When I get clit attention it takes like 5-10min. If I’m getting boob attention along with it, oh boy….

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    Watt 05/17/2010 16:19

    Rachael and I have something in common.

    I also have the right to pull out before the shoot.

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    Observer 05/17/2010 16:22

    If I’m getting boob attention…….

    What the fuck, Mini-Mosh

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    Dr. Gonzo 05/17/2010 16:23

    the photoshop crew had better get hazard pay for this one
    playboy is really looking for trouble with the image manipulation workers of america

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    Observer 05/17/2010 16:24

    I wonder if Tiger Woods has a Playboy subscription down at the clubhouse……

    …he could maybe fill in the missing pieces…..

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    pepper 05/17/2010 16:29

    sounds like a sticky situation….

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