tila tequila is subtle

By brendon May 13, 2010 @ 11:15 AM

tila tequila album launch party 130510

Asian girls are better than regular girls because they’re short and skinny and practically hairless, but that applies more to Korean and Taiwanese and Chinese. There are plenty of really hot Vietnamese girls, like whoever this hot bitch is, but not as many. There sure as hell aren’t any on the page right now, I can tell you that. Nope. Just Gizmo trying to sell a record last night.


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  1. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 05/13/2010 11:18

    all we need now is a kardashian post and you have the paid for post trifecta

  2. RedRage 05/13/2010 11:20

    Hey look at me! I’m a worthless whore with no fucking talent or purpose on this earth. Get cancer and die you fucking Vietcong piece of shit! Wipe my asshole with your tongue first.

  3. D. Znuts 05/13/2010 11:21

    Kill it with fire.

    Fuck she is a waste of oxygen.

  4. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 05/13/2010 11:21

    nothing says class like showing off your implant scars……….

  5. Zombie 05/13/2010 11:22

    Hey look at me! I’m a worthless whore with no fucking talent or purpose on this earth.

    RedRage, quit impersonating DC.

  6. Watt 05/13/2010 11:22

    Its pretty obvious that anyone who dresses like that is just looking for attention. That’s not fashion its mental retardation

  7. Sono 05/13/2010 11:22

    You can hardly tell she had implants put in…

  8. D. Znuts 05/13/2010 11:23

    Btw check out the left underboob. Bitch has block boobs! Octagonal implants!

  9. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 05/13/2010 11:24

    is she capable of being along for more then 5 minutes without performing some desperate act for attention? Please, no more of her.

  10. Tom Foolery 05/13/2010 11:24

    I wonder if she ever had the guy that hacked her myspace whacked like she promised from the post back in the day, nothing worse than a whore with a god complex.

  11. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 05/13/2010 11:25

    z, you’ve made pepper avi’s for 3 days now. ya need to lay off. It looks like you have an attraction.

  12. RedRage 05/13/2010 11:26

    Record release party? Are you fucking serious? I hope the entire album is a recording from back in Nam of her parent’s village burning, M-16 rounds tearing through her grand parents heads. Napalm raining down from the heavens burning their crops. Her sisters getting their assholes stretched out by the 101st Airborne! The last song should just be a single gunshot followed by the sound of her corps crumpling to the ground and a round of applause.

  13. RemSteale 05/13/2010 11:26

    Wasnt she going to kill herself after her girlfriend/wife/whatever died?
    What happened there?

  14. Sir Helix 05/13/2010 11:26

    Worthless attention whore….. I hate this talentless chick. Why is she even here?

  15. Zombie 05/13/2010 11:28

    Dirt, this is a throwback avi. Thanks for caring. By the way, I miss the mudflaps avi of me you kept up for months.

  16. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 05/13/2010 11:29

    i think from now on, when a tila post pops up, we should completely ignore it, and stay commenting on the post before it.

  17. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 05/13/2010 11:30

    it was like a month at best Z. But im glad you liked it. How was your morning commute today?

  18. D. Znuts 05/13/2010 11:31

    RedRage: Harshing my buzz, brah.

  19. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 05/13/2010 11:32

    dont hold back red..let your hate flow

  20. RedRage 05/13/2010 11:34

    I feel much better now, thank you.

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