i'd like to hear what ashton kutcher has to say


After you're done admiring this picture of Ashton Kutcher driving his 15,000 pound CXT truck which gets 7 miles to the gallon, you should check out this video of Ashton blaming the Republicans for the BP oil spill and shedding a tear for the environment.

As you watch it keep in mind that the drill that blew up and started the leak was ordered in 1998 and laid down in 2000, while the convention he refers to was in 2008. And there's also this. But whatever. Ashton says...

"If you could go back to the Republican national convention and look the guys in the eyes that were saying, 'DRILL DRILL DRILL', at the Republican national convention, those guys, there you go, that's what we got, like, we did it, we drilled drilled drilled."

The Republican party is filled with reprehensible men and women but luckily for them Ashton is a fucking moron so he can't get to that point without taking everyone on a 10 hour journey with no end in sight where, in no particular order, he stammers off things he thinks he heard about politics at a coke party in Malibu. It's no wonder everyone holds Hollywood actors in such high regard.

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