“if you get raped by a pack…”

By brendon July 09, 2010 @ 5:22 PM

I was mostly offended by the part where he made fun of breast implants. Sick son of a bitch. I hope the cops lock this bastard up and throw away the key.

(WARNING: this obviously has extremely NSFW language)

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    jab_socal 07/09/2010 17:22


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    taz 07/09/2010 17:30

    What an ass

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    Vox Populi 07/09/2010 17:38

    Hey Mel, go take a zoloft, watch braveheart and chill the fuck out.

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    bwilson27 07/09/2010 17:45

    He better not say that shit to Lord Humongous next time he calls him.

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    teutonic 07/09/2010 17:45

    That’s Australian for “How was your day, honey?”

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    cl9904 07/09/2010 17:47

    Batshit crazy

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    Rusty Coat Hanger of Justice 07/09/2010 17:48


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    ohmwrecker 07/09/2010 17:53

    What is more awesome the Mel Gibson freak out or the Christian Bale freak out?

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    ohmwrecker 07/09/2010 17:53

    I don’t think you can beat “raped by a pack of n1ggers”.

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    cl9904 07/09/2010 17:54

    I think the Christian Bale freakout is more awesome. It was funny as hell. But with Mel…that old man has just clearly lost it.

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    cl9904 07/09/2010 17:55

    At least he didn’t threaten to give her a Cincinnati Bow Tie.

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    DarkCherry 07/09/2010 18:00

    i thought we’d decided it was a gaggle, not a pack.

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    ohmwrecker 07/09/2010 18:01

    I really hope “raped by a pack of n1ggers” becomes a catchphrase. It’s time to heal America!

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    Zombie 07/09/2010 18:03

    I thought you decided it was time for you to leave, not continue yapping.

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    bwilson27 07/09/2010 18:04

    Better than “Raped by a pack of Gibson’s”, I suppose.

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    Zombie 07/09/2010 18:06

    “time to go home! good weekends all around kids.”


    (an hour later)

    “hey i blah blah blah”

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    ohmwrecker 07/09/2010 18:07

    Why did you come back, Z?

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    DarkCherry 07/09/2010 18:09

    go fuck yourself kevin, no one’s talking to you.

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    Zombie 07/09/2010 18:10

    I’m still at work for another 20 min. What about yourself?

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    Zombie 07/09/2010 18:14

    DC, did your boss decide to make a big mess in his office at the end of the day for you to stay and clean up? Or did you already leave work, go home and get BACK on wwtdd? I can’t determine which scenario would be funnier on a Friday evening.

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