Christina Hendricks was at the Emmys


You know how when child molesters go to jail they sometimes castrate them because there's no way to talk them out of wanting to fuck little kids? To them it's like the greatest thing in the world, and there's no amount of therapy to ever ever change that? Well I'm the same way with girls with red hair and big tits. If they were illegal, I'd have lost my nuts 10 years ago after a nationwide manhunt, and the law would be named after my case.

But I just do not get this Christina Hendricks thing.

Yeah, red hair and big tits, but her teeth are weird and she only has big tits because she weighs 200 pounds. Diora Baird is better in every way. Much much prettier, much much better body, and even a better actress. Melissa Archer is better too. The only way Hendricks should ever beat out those two is as a run-stuffer in fantasy football.

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