Friday afternoon headlines

By brendon August 27, 2010 @ 5:14 PM


HALLE BERRY – broke up with boyfriend Gabriel Aubry back in April after dating for 4 years, but they looked like the perfect family yesterday in London with their daughter. It’s nice to see two beautiful millionaires finally catch a break. (daily mail)

KARISSA SHANNON – confirms that she made a lesbian sex tape with Heidi Montag, and that Heidis husband stole it, but says she never wanted or expected anyone to see it. So the root of the problem appears to be that she doesn’t understand what cameras do. (radar)

LINDSAY LOHAN – wants Lou Taylor and Larry Rudolph, who managed the comeback of Britney Spears, to do the same for her. If step 1 was to wear a see-thru shirt and show off her tits, mission accomplished. (ny post)

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    SCUM 08/27/2010 17:16


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    SCUM 08/27/2010 17:16


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    SCUM 08/27/2010 17:17


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    Watt 08/27/2010 17:18

    Lohan reads the site. I suggested that yesterday.

    I should get royalties on all future profits.

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    The Puppet 08/27/2010 17:20

    Watt, you will get all the royalties, but you need to write one thing that is funny.

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    Watt 08/27/2010 17:24

    scum is that an angry throat fuck?

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    Gildorg 08/27/2010 17:29

    I say, Bravo! to Lindsay, for returning to the basics of her fame and looking for approval from what remains of her (mostly male) fan base!

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    Watt 08/27/2010 17:31

    Honestly if lilo grabbed some bojangles and packed on a few pounds, filled out her tits a bit and got some of her ginger color back she could be in mean girls hot form once again.

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    Zombie 08/27/2010 17:37

    I guess she used her The Clash t-shirt to wipe off Sam’s splooge.

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    SCUM 08/27/2010 17:40

    <<<This is Watt.

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    The Puppet 08/27/2010 17:42

    Looks like Watt is the giver?

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    Watt 08/27/2010 18:17

    I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that someone who’s been on my dick from day one can identify me be the underside of my cock and balls.

    Have a nice weekend angry throat fuckers.

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    heart Brandon 08/27/2010 18:26

    Where’s Brandon???????

    Someone else has been writing this site all week – and it sucks!

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    rokan 08/27/2010 18:30

    Sorry I missed the last part of that bust out session.

    I was on a plane with diarrhea

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    BlackTar 08/27/2010 18:45

    lindsey is a butterfaced skank – news at 11

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    mmggb 08/27/2010 18:54

    Why does Lyndsay sometimes look so hot that I forget what a douche she is. God that’s annoying. I swear she is such a fucki——- Mmmm Boobs.

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    duckbutter 08/27/2010 18:55

    I think it looks like I’ve missed some nice arse around here the past couple of days. There’s a load of hot banner pics. quicherfukinbichin nigers

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    Joust 08/27/2010 18:55

    It’s a shame your flight didn’t provide WiFi. I know it killed you being away from here for a mere 2 hours.

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    duckbutter 08/27/2010 18:56

    I’ve said from day 1 i’d shred that hatchet wound

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