Nicole Kidman has an elevator for her car

By brendon August 19, 2010 @ 8:16 PM


Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban just bought a 10 million dollar top floor duplex in New York City’s Chelsea district. It’s 3,248 square feet, has 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and a 20×22-foot living room with floor to ceiling windows that overlooks the river.

Oh and it also has a private elevator that turns their ordinary car into a flying car that lands at their front door, presumably so they can hop into a tub filled with the tears of a Phoenix.

The extravagant and modern 16 apartment building boasts a private ‘Sky Garage’ for its residents, allowing a tenant to park their vehicle inside the building and have it lifted to their floor, avoiding the hassle of underground or street parking.

I would show the other 15 apartments to NBA guys and Ben Roethlisberger. Highlight the fact that any hypothetical hooker that gets punched out can go right into your trunk. No witness, no crime. It’s the ultimate sign of wealth and status.

(image source = mavrix online)


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  1. The Original Lo Rider 08/19/2010 16:20

    Fuck you – Big Ben was FRAMED!

  2. SCUM 08/19/2010 16:23

    ” Highlight the fact that any hypothetical hooker that gets punched out can go right into your trunk. No witness, no crime.” I have one of those in my apartment building, it’s called a garbage chute.

  3. SCUM 08/19/2010 16:26

    From Love In A Elevator to car in an elevator.

  4. Zombie 08/19/2010 16:27

    Is that a fucking Honda Accord? In a 10 million dollar home?

  5. taz 08/19/2010 16:31

    She is Batman

  6. The Original Lo Rider 08/19/2010 16:37

    Keith Urban should have no trouble fitting into the trunk of an Accord. Except for that forehead, Dude is tiny!

  7. SCUM 08/19/2010 16:37

    That’s my Honda Accord in my apartment Zombie.

  8. Observer 08/19/2010 16:38


    ….garbage chute…….very funny….

  9. SCUM 08/19/2010 16:38

    That first pic is an artists rendition, the real car pictured is a Aston Martin.

  10. Observer 08/19/2010 16:40

    A Honda Accord is better than a Toyota Pious….

    …I mean Prius….

  11. i hate you 08/19/2010 16:42

    how long is that elevator ride while you sit in your car?

    i want to get a hooker.

  12. gxnxlx 08/19/2010 16:45

    Can you imagine what they would have bought if she had married a Keith RURAL?

  13. Observer 08/19/2010 16:45

    When did “parking underground” become a “hassle”?

  14. Observer 08/19/2010 16:46


    …nice one!

    …maybe a tractor lift in the root cellar?

  15. A Dirty George A. Romero Love Pillow 08/19/2010 16:48

    You’d think she’d love parking underground the way that pale avoids sunlight.

  16. rokan 08/19/2010 16:50

    That apartment sucks.

    Where’s the waterfall?

  17. Zombie 08/19/2010 16:53

    Rokan, it’s hanging in the lower lobby next to Urban’s music degree.

  18. Watt 08/19/2010 16:53

    They aren’t cool enough for the LED waterfall

  19. Death to Finkle! 08/19/2010 17:14

    I lol’d (or however the hell you type that) at 16:50.

    l’dol? ledol?

  20. SomeoneluvsU 08/19/2010 17:16

    Is Phil Spector on the waiting list for an available unit…. (in about 15 years)?

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