thursday morning headlines


TILA TEQUILA - had signed up to release a sex tape according to reports, and had already bough a Lamborghini with her advance, but she says that story is completely untrue and was started by a ex-employee. Or maybe this is a ploy to start a bidding war for the footage between Vivid and Animal Planet. (celebuzz)

LILY ALLEN - is pregnant, and confirmed it on twitter this morning by posting a picture of herself holding up a newspaper. This story is surprisingly boring considering it started out with a blowjob. (twitter)

AMY WINEHOUSE - went to a bar for a fancy night out last night in London, though it's hard for pictures to capture her beauty. It's like trying to cage a rainbow. (splash news) [gallery ids="629552,629562,629571,629572,629582,629591,629592,629601,629611,629621,629622,629632,629642,629652,629661,629662,629672,629681"]

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