Christina Hendricks is a natural beauty

By brendon September 20, 2010 @ 5:35 PM


Christina Hendricks was out running some errands yesterday in Beverly Hills, perhaps shopping for more of the unicorn blood she drinks as part of the spell that transforms her into a hot girl before filming her scenes on ‘Mad Men’.


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  1. MrAdams 09/20/2010 17:36

    What do you expect? She’s a red-head.

  2. Thundercunt 09/20/2010 17:39

    The power of make-up and lighting and film, voila!

  3. Chicagoaniml 09/20/2010 17:51

    Still hotter then your DD Asians

  4. Watt 09/20/2010 17:58

    I’d cum so hard out would knock her glasses off

  5. frankenblog 09/20/2010 18:04

    I’m with Chicago and Watt. I’d bang that until my dick was a bloodied, raw, destroyed nub. HAWT.

  6. Woodsman 09/20/2010 18:04

    Watt: don’t cum hard in

  7. SCUM 09/20/2010 18:08

    Every redhead broad I have ever know has been a nympho.

  8. SkippyHandleman 09/20/2010 18:13

    I would like to fuck her big tits and ass. Yay!

  9. Watt 09/20/2010 18:18

    She’s not a natural red head

  10. Gildorg 09/20/2010 18:44

    I don’t think she the hottest red-head out there…

    Then again, I am not exactly a chubby-chaser, either…

  11. duckbutter 09/20/2010 19:11

    Gingers have souls?

  12. Pugiron 09/20/2010 20:32

    She should get a ticket for leaving her “Wide Load” sign off her rear end.

  13. frankenblog 09/20/2010 21:08

    I like how she fills out a pair of pants.

  14. annibanani 09/20/2010 21:15

    Of course she is not a natural read-head, her eyebrows are black, and she has a bitchy look on her face. REAL red-heads have red eyebrows, along with the rest of their body hair…. and redheads have the MOST fun, fuck blondes, they suck!!!!! Bitchy, self-absorbed cunts….

  15. i hate you 09/20/2010 21:22

    i bet she uses more toilet paper than most girls.

  16. minimosh 09/20/2010 21:59

    someone really messed up her shirt. Asshole.

  17. BigB905 09/20/2010 22:14

    Are you guys kidding? If that’s Christina Hendricks, then where did her tits go? Listen, I don’t think she’s all that great, but this is clearly not her. Just like those pictures of “Jessica Simpson” in the red dress from a few weeks ago. Someone’s getting lazy.

  18. minimosh 09/20/2010 22:50

    jackets can hide big tits nicely, especially natural ones, as they are less firm and sticky-outty as fake ones.

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  20. MrAdams 09/20/2010 23:18

    I might do her if I were totally shitfaced.Being the sweet guy I am, I’d cover her head with a paper bag instead of a plastic one. I wouldn’t want her finding out who I am and camping out on my front lawn. My neighbors would call the local Animal Shelter on her.

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