Michael Bay offers a $50,000 reward, needs google

By brendon September 01, 2010 @ 7:03 PM


‘Transformers’ director Michael Bay offered a $50,000 reward on his website earlier this afternoon, asking for information about the video that’s everywhere this week, the one showing some little bitch in a red hooded sweatshirt, cackling with delight as she drowns several puppies.

“There is a disturbing video going around the news outlets. It’s a video of blonde young woman in a red sweatshirt casually tossing squealing puppies into the fast-moving river one by one.
Michael Bay has informed me that he is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and successful prosecution of the woman in the red sweatshirt and the person who shot this act of cruelty.”

Um, okay how’s this:

Name: Katja Puschnik
Age: 19
Address: Münchener Straße.16b, 85653 Aying, Germany
Email address: katja.puschnik@web.de
Facebook account: Katja Obst, /profile.php?id=1342291300&ref=sgm
Telephone number (parents): +49 8095 1782
School: Gymnasium Ottobrunn
School email address: sekr@gymnasium-ottobrunn.de
School telephone number: +49 89 6066650
Volleyball Team: Spvgg Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, vvv .volleyball-svh [dot] de/node/19
Location of puppy throwing: Mangfall

I’m gonna be rich!

No, not really. Because 4chan already found her (via gawker). But I’m not gonna goof on Michael Bay. Far from it. What he’s doing is cool as hell. This little bitch is evil and needs to be put down. The next time she’s on a video, it better be during one of those ghost hunter TV shows, and it better be because she’s trapped in some dimension consumed by a lake of fire.

UPDATE 1: the post is no longer on Bays website for whatever reason, but here’s a screencap from this afternoon.

UPDATE 2: though the girl above was the first one named, others are saying a more likely suspect is a girl from Bosnia named Antonia Miskic. This might be a public facebook page for her.

UPDATE 3: there’s a very active facebook page dedicated to finding this whore, whoever she is, here.

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    taz 09/01/2010 19:10

    That was awesome

  2. avatar
    CrappyCar 09/01/2010 19:12

    Screw you Michael Bay

  3. avatar
    The Puppet 09/01/2010 19:12

    In her defense, the dogs were Jewish.

  4. avatar
    The Puppet 09/01/2010 19:19

    when a reporter asked her. Why did you throw the puppies over?
    she responded, My oven is broken.

  5. avatar
    Thundercunt 09/01/2010 19:33

    I’d like to slit that bitch’s throat. What a vile cunt.

  6. avatar
    JRS2 09/01/2010 19:36

    Wrong info, the actual girl is from Bosnia.

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    Girl Throws Puppies in River 09/01/2010 20:08

    [...] This has probably been posted 6 times already, BUT I DON’T CARE YOU GYPSIES: Michael Bay offers a $50,000 reward, needs google – What Would Tyler Durden Do Michael Bay offered a $50,000 reward on his website earlier this afternoon, asking for any [...]

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    jimbo11 09/01/2010 20:17

    wow you people are dumb. growing up on a farm, i used to do things similar to this weekly. one summer, we had a huge (100 plus ) infestation of cats that were eating everything. so me and my brother sat out for 3 days with our rifles just shooting every cat we saw. sucks, but had to get done

    my neighbors, who didn’t like shooting animals(thought it was inhuman) would drown animals in the creek behind his house regularly.

  9. avatar
    Gildorg 09/01/2010 20:30

    I am pretty sure there was an entry eariler for the Discovery Channel Shooter… In any case, Needless Slaughter of defenseless Animals is Bullshit and inhumane…

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    i hate you 09/01/2010 20:31

    this headline is great. i dare not watch that video. i do not like anyone in a red sweatshirt either. this ls why i hate you.

  11. avatar
    BALLSY 09/01/2010 21:01

    $50,000 ? why she is such a good movie maker?

  12. avatar
    TacticalBacon74 09/01/2010 21:15

    People this messed up usually become serial killers or professional bloggers… killing animals just for the sake of killing is an indicator of becoming a fucked up adult…. better to just put her down quickly and don’t leave a mess.

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    rokan 09/01/2010 21:25

    Meat is murder.

  14. avatar
    rokan 09/01/2010 21:26

    Now hand me a fucking cheeseburger and shut the fuck up.

  15. avatar
    rokan 09/01/2010 21:41

    I just sent her this message.

    Sie befinden sich in einer Welt des Bösen weh jetzt Möse.
    Hope yo bekommen, was Sie verdienen.

    I hope she speaks German.

  16. avatar
    Early Evening Links | Awkward Turkey 09/01/2010 21:50

    [...] Michael Bay is offering $50,000 for puppy throwing girl – wwtdd [...]

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    b2b 09/01/2010 22:17

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    Zeis 09/01/2010 22:22

    wtf… this bitch lives 30 minutes away from me. I should drive there tomorrow… http://www.imagebanana.com/view/wsvmgqjl/puppybitch.png (<– google-maps screenshot)

  19. avatar
    The Irreverent Tony Stark 09/01/2010 22:36

    Rok, did Google Language Tools help you with your proclamation?

  20. avatar
    MrAdams 09/01/2010 22:44

    The sad part of this whole story is that Michael Bay has $50,000 he can afford to spend, regardless of the cause.

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