Arianny Celeste is naked in Playboy


Playboy has had some questionable celebrity pictorials the past few years, but in the November issue they have UFC octagon girl Arianny Celeste, and you can't tell because you're reading this is on the internet, but I was squealing with delight when I wrote that.

This girl is just perfect, and she's actually naked, unlike some of these idiot celebrities who think Playboy is some kind of towel modeling catalog.

Her entire shoot will be on later this week, but this and this are two of the pics that have leaked. Needless to say she looks incredible, the hottest girl in Playboy in years. I could be in the middle of a plane crash and still jack off to pictures of this girl. Several times.

UNSEXY TERRIFYING UPDATE - wow Playboy was not happy about this. Um, "pictures removed by request".

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