Bret Michaels says he never banged Mileys mom


When Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus announced their divorce last week, many thought it was related to the rumor that Tish did Bret Michaels when he and Miley worked on a song together last year. Perhaps by using his hand exactly like he is in this picture of them together. But today a publicist for Bret told E! news...

"It's unfortunate that Billy Ray and Tish have to be further tainted by these lies being reported. The only relationship he's had with Tish is professional because he worked with Miley on 'Every Rose.' She recut it, and obviously they did that together at GMA in the summer."

Oh whatever. People who work together always end up doin it. That's why Kim Kardashian opened a store that sells nothing but rims and grape drink.

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