Natalie Portman is engaged, pregnant

By brendon December 27, 2010 @ 1:28 PM


Natalie Portman has confirmed today that she’s not only engaged to choreographer Benjamin Millepied (this handsome devil) but she’s pregnant as well. No word yet on who the father is. Oh wait, never mind, it’s probably that same guy. People says…

The couple met during the production of Black Swan. Portman’s performance in the film has earned her nominations for a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award.
This will be the first child for the actress who is due in 2011.

I think it was really unprofessional for Portman to fuck the choreographer. Stuff like this is why I stopped dancing. I had 3 years of classical, 6 years of tap, but everyone was always having sex with each other. I just wanted to dance, ya know, to move and express myself. This is supposed to be about the dancing.

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  1. avatar 12/27/2010 13:32

    fanboys worldwide cry…

  2. avatar
    rokan 12/27/2010 13:34

    Some guy must have had his dirty cock in her

  3. avatar
    Gildorg 12/27/2010 13:42

    Wow, so someone was tapping that fine skinny ass, eh?

    Well good for him, I guess…

  4. avatar
    rokan 12/27/2010 13:55

    And. . . . that means he came in her too.

    That’s fucking gross.

  5. avatar
    Rimba 12/27/2010 14:01

    ah, shit…

  6. avatar
    ptvenom 12/27/2010 14:13

    Why do all the Hot women get prego? There go’s that awesome body. When will they learn.

  7. avatar
    Pottz 12/27/2010 14:21

    They won’t, the stupid ones never learn to swallow.

    Fucking brunettes.

  8. avatar
    D. Znuts 12/27/2010 14:36

    I’ve wanted to rail this chick since The Professional… NO WAIT… um since… Beautiful Girls… NO FUCK, NO, I mean… since Heat! Yes, since Heat… NO, FUCK, I mean… that one movie when she was legal.

    Ok just kidding, pedophilia isn’t funny (it’s hilarious).

  9. avatar
    Woodsman 12/27/2010 14:51

    DZ: It isn’t funny. Unless it’s a clown doing it.

  10. avatar
    D. Znuts 12/27/2010 15:04

    Like you wouldn’t watch a clown just giving it to Natalie Portman. It would be the highest-rated Superbowl half-time show EVER.

  11. avatar
    God Hath Spoken 12/27/2010 15:36

    Well, fuck.

  12. avatar
    phattsao 12/27/2010 16:21

    Well, on a plus note, the guy is a MALE BALLET DANCER, which means he is gay, or at least not straight. Sooner or later Natalie will catch him with a mouthful of man and throw him out.

  13. avatar
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  15. avatar
    Tony 12/27/2010 21:06

    HA! The stupid trick didn’t make the guy wear a rubber. Didn’t she go to Harvard?

    This guy’s seeing nothing but dollar signs now. The lucky chump’s got the golden ticket.

  16. avatar
    Tiddly 12/27/2010 21:29

    She’s incredibly overrated and now apparently pathological. Watch for this to have some twisted publicity angle, and for the rumors to be “incorrect” after they split, or some such shit. Hell I wouldn’t even put a miscarriage story past her.

  17. avatar
    Captain Argyle 12/28/2010 09:08

    This is Upper East Side version of what happened to Britney Spears

  18. avatar
    Observer 12/29/2010 16:14

    Captain Argyle…..

    …yours may be the most apt comment on this site in YEARS….

  19. avatar
    Observer 12/29/2010 16:15

    You KNOW he was ass-fucking that marvel of gluteus muscles until he slipped it into the wrong hole……

  20. avatar
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