first look at Andrew Garfield as Spider Man

By brendon January 13, 2011 @ 5:44 PM


Sony has released a picture (full size here) of Andrew Garfield as the new Peter Parker in the reboot of Spider-Man (which should be done filming in a few weeks but doesn’t come out until July 3rd, 2012), and apparently part of the storys re-imagining is to have him truly not give a fuck if anyone knows his secret identity. The movie might as well just be called Peter Parker. Christ, does it have his name on the back too.

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    i hate you 01/13/2011 18:06

    brend@n loves a good man/boy in spandex.

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    LuckyBastard 01/13/2011 18:22

    It’s official… Brendum has sold out to NAMBLA……

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    SomeoneluvsU 01/13/2011 18:26

    Was spider pig really pap sniper?

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    Reeses Feces 01/13/2011 18:27

    Hate, you think brendas more of a spandex guy? I’ve been reading the site for awhile and I see him more as a chaps guy.

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    Gildorg 01/13/2011 18:29

    Man, I guess I didn’t miss much…

    I think I will help myself to some of that leftover Scotch!


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    i hate you 01/13/2011 18:32

    if it’s on roids and has something exposed either physically or just by being ‘form-fitting’ i think it’s fine by him. nice username.

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    rokan 01/13/2011 19:07


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    rokan 01/13/2011 19:09

    And on another note, Reeses, anyone who uses poop in their user name in such a creative way is good by me.

    Make some fucking room on the couch, God damnit!

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    Observer 01/13/2011 19:22

    Beppo….IF YOU CAN HEAR ME….

    …do you call yourself spiderman…..when “visiting” Ava’s headstone?

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    i hate you 01/13/2011 19:52

    is anyone familiar with the sexual move called ‘spiderman?’

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    duckbutter 01/13/2011 20:05

    anybody been cow tipping lately?

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    Thundercunt 01/13/2011 20:14


    Yeah I’ve been tempted to give a broad the Spidey before, but I jerk off so damn much through the days that by the time I drag some chick home at night, I just spew dust.
    So I have no ammunition to work with. It’s tragic, really. There’s a Broadway musical in the works about it, though.

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    Observer 01/13/2011 20:42

    I tipped a cow 2 bucks once……

    …I swear she spit in my coffee….

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    rokan 01/13/2011 20:53

    I believe our good friend observer is referring to jizzing in your hand and fliniging a “web” in the chick’s face.

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    Observer 01/13/2011 21:03

    is fliniging what happens when you do it to a Nubian Princess (i.e. 5 buck hooker)?

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    zhengap 01/13/2011 22:11

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    zhengap 01/13/2011 22:11

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    The Irreverent Tony Stark 01/13/2011 22:11


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    i hate you 01/13/2011 22:14

    i speak of this spidey move yet lack the fortitude to attempt it. thundercunt’s avi scares me more than his inclination for masterbation.

    could someone please track down the zhengap fuck and kill him? thank you.

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    Observer 01/13/2011 22:31


    ….I hope Death to Finkle enjoys that site…

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