Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn went public


Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn have been sneaking around together for a few weeks now, going on secret and no doubt boring dates. But Jim Toth is Scarletts agent, and since he got married to Reese Witherspoon this weekend, and since guys love going to weddings with girls they just met, Scarlett brought Sean as her date. Popeater says...

"Scarlett is Jim's client, but no one, including the bride, knew she would have turned up with Sean Penn," a friend of Scarlett's tells me. "Turning up at a wedding with your boyfriend is definitely a huge statement, especially that wedding. What it's doing is announcing to the whole of Hollywood that they are serious." "Scarlett is head over heals in love with Sean," a friend of the actress tells me. "She normally tries to hide away from public attention, but when she's with Sean she doesn't care."

Scarlett must be kinda dumb because you really need to know someone before taking them to a wedding. You really need to feel comfortable with them, and them with you. That's why, when I see a new girl that I might want to ask out, I follow her, then break into her house and look around, dig through her stuff to see if we have similar hobbies and interests.

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