Rihanna is bashful

By brendon May 27, 2011 @ 1:36 PM


Rihanna was on ‘Today’ this morning, wearing a half shirt and fishnets and singing ‘S&M’.  Because that was the most elaborate way anybody at ‘Today’ could think of to tell their normal audience of housewives and old people to fuck off.

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    SCUM 05/27/2011 14:11

    If you get rid of that pesky black thing she is almost fuckable.

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    SHOGGOTHSEX 05/27/2011 14:14

    I have laughed more at your posts of the last two days than the rest of the month combined… wow, that sounded a lot more complimentary in my head… Anyway, nice work man!

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    The Fried Man 05/27/2011 14:17

    She has the legs of a fullback in the NFL. Do you want to fuck Larry Sellers? I don’t.

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    thecursor 05/27/2011 14:20

    I would do so many illegal things with this woman. Black, white, purple, she could change her skin color to banana yellow and I’d try to turn her into a banana split.

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    Mr. Nutt 05/27/2011 14:42

    I heard she likes it rough.

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    Observer 05/27/2011 14:49

    Would anyone here REALLY beat off to her……?

    …what about beat ON her….?

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    MrAdams 05/27/2011 14:55

    Damn! That is one fugly looking skank! She should put a bag over her head at least, like Ke$ha.

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    king jeremy the wicked 05/27/2011 14:59

    @scum – you mean Chris Brown?

    She looks like a Dr. Seuss Character.

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    SCUM 05/27/2011 15:38

    Is she trying to be Jessica Rabbit? http://www.geekologie.com/2008/04/jessica_rabbit_is_hot_despite.php

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    Mr. Nutt 05/27/2011 16:32

    A little something to think about the next time you go to church and pass the plate.


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    SaintMidian 05/27/2011 17:20

    So lifelike …

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    rokan 05/27/2011 17:21


    I wouldn’t beat off her even if Pepper let me borrow his Fleshlight again.

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    i hate you 05/28/2011 00:08

    –walks in slowly in a hospital gown and iv drip station, sits on sofa–

    hey guys. mikey, sorry about your marbles. glad to see you hanging out with pepper though. oh and congratulations on the new job.


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    Gildorg 05/28/2011 03:05

    Ugh… Haven’t even been home an hour and I gotta get up in six for another long-ass day..

    Time for a drink and then pass out and hope I get at least five hours of sleep!

    Looks like a pretty slow day here!

    Thank God I got Sunday off… I plan on spending most of it Asleep!

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    Gildorg 05/29/2011 01:42

    What the heck?

    Here is Late Saturday Night and not one post on this Holiday weekend?

    I only had another ten hour day followed up with a short second gig… Though to be honest the second job was barely worth mentioning…

    In any case, time for a drink or two and test my middle-aged endurance and see how long I can last before I pass the hell out!

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    mercury 05/29/2011 05:49

    I want this girl! (not forever, just for a while)

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    minimosh 05/29/2011 15:58

    those wigs will never hide that five head sufficiently.

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    Gildorg 05/29/2011 18:29

    five head?

    I don’t think I even want to know what that is supposed to mean…

    Time for a drink!

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    Mr. Nutt 05/29/2011 21:26

    Please allow me to clarify things for you my good friend.


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