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By brendon June 06, 2011 @ 4:21 PM


When it comes to deciding which summer awards show you might enjoy more, Spikes Guys Choice or MTV Movie, you have to consider that one has girls like Victorias Secret model Erin Heatherton and Minka Kelly actually making an effort to look hot, while the other has husky girls shrieking at pretend vampires. So just keep that in mind and then follow your heart.

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    Mac-Daddy 06/06/2011 16:25

    the what awards???

    what a complete fucking waste of time!

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    Thundercunt 06/06/2011 16:44

    I would eat that Heaterington broad’s cunt out even is she had AIDS. She’s a fuckin’ dynamo.

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    Thundercunt 06/06/2011 16:45

    I would eat that Heatherton broad’s cunt out even is she had AIDS. She’s a fuckin’ dynamo.

    *drunkingly fixed

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    Admiral 06/06/2011 16:49

    That brunette in the blue dress: Wow. Impossibly pretty. I’m pretty darn good looking and she makes me look like a retarded troll smeared in shit by comparison.

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    hhhim 06/06/2011 17:02

    no one notice the nipslip?

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    mikey the retard 06/06/2011 17:09

    wats a nip slip?

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    Direman 06/06/2011 17:11

    lol. The nip slip was the very first thing I noticed – I figured it couldn’t be missed, but I guess it can.

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    i hate you 06/06/2011 17:27

    mikey, it’s when you stik your pener in a girl’s belly button and her boobies pop out.

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    Observer 06/06/2011 17:29


    ….no need to insult Mikey whilst you dream your dreams…..

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    Observer 06/06/2011 17:36

    Minka makes me touch my dinka…….

    ….but that Heatherton chick is cute……

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    Observer 06/06/2011 17:38

    Erin Heatherton reminds me of a younger Joey Heatherton……


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    Observer 06/06/2011 17:39

    So……Rokan (et. al.)……what did I miss……?

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    mikey the retard 06/06/2011 17:41

    i droped a dump in my lunhc box today behind the dumpster

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    i hate you 06/06/2011 17:56

    that is very nice mikey. did you sift through and get all the good corn out? be shame to waste it!

    new lame up is up.

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    The Narrator 06/06/2011 19:38

    Minka looks like a young, hotter, JLO in those pictures.

    Stick to your Minka Kelly look. You’re hotter than any era JLO.

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