Weston Cage was beaten up by his bodyguard

Yesterday there was a story that Weston Cage, Nic Cages 20-year-old son, was in a fight outside the Farmers Market restaurant in Hollywood on Tuesday afternoon. Though it wasn't a fight as much as it was him lying on the curb and getting punched in the face 13 times.

Early reports said the guy was Westons personal trainer. I'm not sure if this is better or worse, but that's not the case.

The man who viciously beat up Nic Cage's son Weston was his high school wrestling coach and had been hired to protect (him). Kevin Villegas was his coach at Beverly Hills high school and also has martial arts expertise. Weston needed eight stitches for facial injuries and is being evaluated for head and brain trauma, Radar has learned. "He deliberately provoked Weston," one source said of Villegas. "And he wouldn't stop even though people were telling him to." "He (Villegas) could have easily subdued Weston," the source said. "Weston was defenseless."

Wow. I bet his employee evaluation this year is gonna be really awkward.

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