Wednesday headlines, with over caffeinated Renee Zellweger

By brendon July 27, 2011 @ 1:06 PM


AMY WINEHOUSES – dad Mitch is setting up a foundation to help people struggling with addiction. And not a moment too soon! (fox)

FRANK DARABONT – is leaving his position as show-runner on ‘The Walking Dead’. Darabont adapted the show, wrote or co-wrote all of season 1, and directed the premiere. It’s not clear if he’ll still act as executive producer or why he’s leaving. Just between us, I’m not saying he got caught fucking a baby, but I’m not not saying that either. (the wrap)

GEORGE LUCAS – lost a lawsuit he filed against the designer that created the original Stormtrooper costume, who sells replicas in England. Lucas (net worth: $3.2 billion) claimed a copyright violation and feels he should be the only one who makes any money off Star Wars, regardless of whether or not anyone else deserves too. His case was hurt when he went on the stand clutching bags with dollar signs and said, “I want all the money, me, gimmie, it’s mine, all of it!” (bbc)

RON HOWARD – directed ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and ‘Angels & Demons’, but will not direct the third Dan Brown book starring the Tom Hanks character Robert Langdon. “The first two took place in Paris and Rome, but this one is in Washington, which is a terrifying shithole,” Howard probably said. (deadline)

RENEE ZELLWEGER – was either sent on a Starbucks run yesterday or is still pee’ing right now. (image source = wenn)

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  1. avatar
    Mac-Daddy 07/27/2011 13:13

    Zellweger was hot /slutty in “Empire Records”

    Not so much since then!

  2. avatar
    Mr. Poop 07/27/2011 13:15

    Looks like she got a job as a production assistant.

    Which means when she’s not picking up the directors dry cleaning or fetching coffee for the crew, she is on her knees sucking the producer’s cock.

    Its good work when you can get it.

  3. avatar
    Mac-Daddy 07/27/2011 13:16

    How much longer are we gonna have to hear/read about Amy Whorehouse?

    I didn’t give a shit before she was dead and I certainly don’t give a shit now.

  4. avatar
    Mr. Poop 07/27/2011 13:43


    I was in downtown Boston last week and went looking for you at the Bank of America. I asked the manager if he had any employees who he would consider mentally unstable and potentially a serial killer. He said, “no.”

    When I added that this person likely had an awkward half-erection all day and spent way too much time outside the lady’s restroom, he said, “Oh, that would be Stan, but he’s home sick today.”

    Are you Stan?

  5. avatar
    Observer 07/27/2011 13:54

    …..Stan the Man….

  6. avatar
    Observer 07/27/2011 13:55

    NOBODY considers me mentally unstable……..

    …and that is usually their biggest downfall……

  7. avatar
    Observer 07/27/2011 13:57

    Mr. Poop…..

    ….you didn’t bone my wife whilst in Boston did you……?

    …she’s been working later than usual lately and when she gets home…….all she can talk about is getting off…..”finally”…..

  8. avatar
    SCUM 07/27/2011 13:58

    I need a drink loosers.

  9. avatar
    Observer 07/27/2011 14:01

    7 & 7…??

  10. avatar
    SCUM 07/27/2011 14:04

    Yes please

  11. avatar
    Mr. Poop 07/27/2011 14:07


    I never touched her.

    I did however sit in a chair and pleasure myself while she did the dishes in a pair of ripped panties and a chef’s hat.

    Does that count?

  12. avatar
    redneckwordsofwisdom 07/27/2011 14:31

    to, too, and two. professional writing is fun!

  13. avatar
    redneckwordsofwisdom 07/27/2011 14:32

    and what’s a looser? as in: looser than lindsay?

  14. avatar
    Mr. Poop 07/27/2011 14:58

    New dead-cunt up

  15. avatar
    PeaceFrog46 07/27/2011 18:41

    She has a nice ass but she still always looks constipated…WTH?

  16. avatar
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  18. avatar
    MS007 07/29/2011 17:35

    42 and no husband, no steady boyfriend, and no kids. She and Jennifer Aniston should just finally marry since it’s obvious they’ve been giving each other relationship advice.

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