Anne Hathaway thinks shes dated gay guys

By brendon August 23, 2011 @ 5:18 PM


Anne Hathaway sat down with Chelsea Handler to do an interview for, um, Interview, and it didn’t take long before the easily relaxed Hathaway was ratting out her ex boyfriends for being secretly gay.

HATHAWAY:“… the other thing I want to say about Jersey is they need to get on the New York bandwagon and legalize gay marriage.”
HANDLER: “Yeah. That would be a good idea for any state.”
HATHAWAY: “But I think everybody should do that. It’s not a specifically Jersey thing.”
HANDLER: “Well, your brother is gay, right?”
HATHAWAY: “My older brother is gay.”
HANDLER: “We talked about that last time you were on the show. I’m convinced that my older brother is gay, too, although he has yet to come out of the closet.”
HATHAWAY: “He doesn’t admit it?”
HANDLER: “He doesn’t admit it. I keep telling him he’s gay, but he keeps pretending that he’s not.”
HATHAWAY: “I’m convinced that a few guys I’ve dated are gay, and they won’t admit it. I think we’ve all done that.”

Wait, what? I don’t think that’s true. I don’t think all girls have done that. But then most girls haven’t dated Jake Gyllenhaal like Anne was rumored to have done while they were filming ‘Love and Other Drugs’ in 2009. That rumor was probably not true, but if it were it would explain why Anne feels this way. A recent survey revealed that 100 percent of girls who have dated Jake Gyllenhaal think they have ex who was secretly gay, and 100 percent of his boyfriends wish he would stop this charade that isn’t fooling anyone.

(image source of anne looking mostly awful at the european premiere of ‘one day’ about an hour ago in london = getty)

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    Observer 08/23/2011 17:21

    ….I wouldn’t be surprised if the boyfriends “discovered” their gayness AFTER boning little Miss Fishmouth….

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    Observer 08/23/2011 17:29

    …..perhaps someone should point out to the snooty Ms. Hathaway…..

    …….that JUST because a guy sucks cock like a Hoover, ass-fucks his roommates in college…(or boarding school), and bathes in cum drenched glory at Provincetown…….

    ……these behaviours do NOT prove him to be homosexual…..

    …at least Pepper and Rokey claim they don’t…

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    Mr. Poop 08/23/2011 17:30

    Real Observer,

    Is fake observer better in bed than you?

  4. avatar
    Observer 08/23/2011 17:37

    ……which one is “Real”….and which is “Fake”….??

    ….but the answer is……of course he is….

  5. avatar
    Observer 08/23/2011 17:37

    “Real” AND “Fake” Observer BOTH are great in bed……

    ….at least with human women…..

  6. avatar
    Observer 08/23/2011 17:38

    Mr. Poop…..

    …..have you move in with Peeper over at D-Listing…?

  7. avatar
    Observer 08/23/2011 17:38

    ….”Moved”… dumb fuck…

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    i hate you 08/23/2011 17:39

    and we are back to the ‘do you have any vaseline’ question.

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    Observer 08/23/2011 17:41

    ….some people are REALLY living the high life whilst I wile away in this freakin tin-pan office…

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    Observer 08/23/2011 17:42

    …..I’m making dinner for the wife tonight…….

    ….and it will NOT be Mac n Cheese…..

  11. avatar
    i hate you 08/23/2011 17:44

    obs. where in the fuck do you find this shit?

  12. avatar
    Observer 08/23/2011 17:45

    …….i hate you……

    … has been very very very good to me…..

  13. avatar
    Observer 08/23/2011 17:47

    i hate you…..

    …I found Seductive Jewess when I googled “naked girl jumping rope”……..

    ….seems like a natural match…….

    I forget how I found the rape shit……but it was years ago……on an extinct site “freeadult2000″……

    ….I had to go to “webarchive” to re-find it”….

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    Jack Hawksmoor 08/23/2011 17:47


    Just because they liked anal with you doesn’t mean that they’re gay.

  15. avatar
    Observer 08/23/2011 17:48

    Jack Hawksmoor……

    …well said…..well said, indeed……

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    Observer 08/23/2011 17:49

    Mr. Poop……

    ….I so miss the battles between Mike Hunt and Tuco The Ugly…….

    ….I love mocking foreigners…..

    I just had a run-in with two fuckin’ Russians…

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    i hate you 08/23/2011 17:55

    was this g on g or g on b or b on b?

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    The Fried Man 08/23/2011 17:58

    Jake was sucking my cock the other night and I could swore he said he wasn’t gay, but then again it was tough to hear him…come to think of it, he could have said, “I’m not a Romo.” Well obviously…

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    Mr. Poop 08/23/2011 18:01


    Mike Hunt was a victim of the great R0kan purge of 2011.

    His login contained the banned word, so he sleeps with the fishes now.

    Thank God Mikey was registered under my Observer address.

  20. avatar
    i hate you 08/23/2011 18:03

    i know you are all wondering where a new LiLo post is……

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