Deadmau5 hardly even knows Paris Hilton


Yesterday TMZ reported that Paris Hilton was on "a quest to become most POWERFUL female house musician of all time", and that she had become so close with Deadmau5, perhaps the biggest DJ on earth right now, that he has made her his protege.

To which Deadmau5 replied, "wait, what?"

HEY WORLD... im not teaching Paris Hilton how to DJ. fuck already! she showed up to a show, and shit, ill be friendly to just about anyone who isnt a fuckin asshole. and she was respectful and polite, and all around nice to chat with, so i let her be a ghost... how the fuck does it end up all "im producing her next album" or "teaching her to be a DJ" if she wants to do whatever she wants, let er! i dont give a fuck... but why am i involved all of a sudden?

So, he met her once and was polite to her, and then "a source" told TMZ he was practically in love with her, and begging to make her next hit record. Hmm. I wonder who the source could have been that was so keen to get Paris Hiltons name in the press. You go get your detective cap and I'll get my giant magnifying glass and we'll see if we can find some clues.

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