Blake Lively dumped Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio is reported dating Australian model Alyce Crawford now (pictured below), but that's because he's not dating Blake Lively anymore. And if you believe top magazines, the reason he's not dating Blake Lively anymore is because she dumped him.

"Blake wasn't ready to move to the next level," an insider tells the new Us Weekly, out now. After meeting last November and kicking off their globe-trotting romance in May of this year, "It was just too much, too quickly," the insider explains. "Blake wasn't ready to settle down." "He's looking for someone to eventually start a family with...That's not where she's at. She's only 24!" Adds another source: "He's more mature. They're not in the same place right now."

Wow this chick is an idiot. All she had to do was have one kid and she'd have been set for life. He's probably gonna make like half a billion dollars by the time he's done, whereas she's an actress. NFL cornerbacks and drug mules have better job security.

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