Jennifer Garner is adorable

By brendon October 07, 2011 @ 6:00 PM


Jennifer Garner visited her daughters school in Santa Monica today, and despite the fact that she’s an instantly recognizable actress who is married to a very famous actor, when they gave her a sticker to wear as a name tag, she actually wore it (it says “Jennifer Affleck” if you cant tell).

And yes I realize that’s completely normal behavior and that’s the point. In Hollywood that’s astounding. Do you really think someone like Jennifer Aniston would do this? She’d rather die. Unless you wrote Jennifer Pitt on it, in which case she’d put it on immediately and then curl up on the floor and cry. Hahaha! We should do that! I hate that bitch!

(image source = fame)

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    DBXdarkangel 10/07/2011 19:22

    First Bitches!!

    Jenifer garner was hot in Elektra but too boney now..

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    Mr. Nutt 10/07/2011 19:37

    Boney? That ass needs its own zip code and her tits look like an A cup.

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    MrAdams 10/07/2011 20:01

    I’ve got a headache. This is what happens when you have beer for lunch.

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    yjrshcbnresw 10/07/2011 20:42

    Come go and see, will not regret it Oh look


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    Gildorg 10/07/2011 21:25

    Damn Spammers!

    Well, this has just been a shitty day overall!

    Who needs a drink; because I am pouring over here!


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    i hate you 10/08/2011 14:11

    i feel poopy due to excessive alcohol and drug intake. i don’t care about her name tag.

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    Gildorg 10/08/2011 15:40

    I kinda feel ya, over here Hate… POOP!

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    Mr. Nutt 10/08/2011 16:35

    Hate, I use to do the same thing. You recover just enough to do it again tonight. Before you know it, your 40 something and wonder if the sizable panty collection you acquired over the years was all worth it. Well my friend, let me tell you from experience that IT IS! Don’t let anybody tell you different! Most importantly don’t talk yourself out of that life style. Life is a bitch and before you know it, its over so party your balls off all the way to the grave. Old people smell anyways. Do you want to grow old and smell? NO!

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    Gildorg 10/08/2011 17:03


    I am down with keeping the drunk on…

    This hasn’t been has shitty of a day as the rest of the week went, but what the hell!?!

    Here’s to ya all!


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    Mr. Nutt 10/08/2011 19:13

    Gildorg, I never wavered in my faith in you keeping your drink on.


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    dfgryjrssrss 10/08/2011 21:16

    Come go and see, will not regret it Oh look


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    Gildorg 10/08/2011 21:31

    He He…

    Well, Mr. Nutt… I know I may drink a little too much from time to time… But it helps keep me sane… Though it does tend to get a bit expensive when I am in need of a great deal of therapy…

    Hope you are having a good one! Since I have the day off and the other boss called me and told me he didn’t need me tonight, I actually ended up with the entire day off which is a first in about six months… Of course, I have to go in early tomorrow, but I shall only slow up my intake as it gets later and end up sleeping it off in any case!


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    minimosh 10/09/2011 00:59

    adorable? she’s PRECIOUS!

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    Gildorg 10/09/2011 10:23


    Mornings kinda suck.

    Have a good one today, Boys.

    See any of ya who stick around for the Weekend Night-Shift!

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    i hate you 10/09/2011 18:46

    philip rivers likes to fuck boys.

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    Mr. Nutt 10/09/2011 20:01

    Hate, I also heard that the back of his hand smells like shit after every game.

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    dfhdhdhdh 10/09/2011 21:07

    Come go and see, will not regret it Oh look


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    Mr. Poop 10/09/2011 21:18


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    Mr. Poop 10/09/2011 21:20

    In other news . . . .

    I read on the Huffington Post today that Jay Cutler fingers his grandmother.

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    Mr. Nutt 10/09/2011 21:42

    Mr Poop, Is that a pre-game ritual?

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